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What Do I do to stimulate my appetite?
  • Start to eat after hungry (the best appetizer is feel of hungry).
  • Stop eat before feel full.
  • Fasting twice a week will keep your appetite in a good condition.
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Okay I think the first thing to do would be to see a doctor. I say this because a loss of appetite is can be a symptom for an impending sickness or disease. If your doctor does find something wrong in your system and he concurs that it is the cause of your loss of appetite, then the drugs he will prescribe will be all you need. But if he says there is nothing wrong then you can do any of the following things to boost your appetite.

You can try doing an intense workout or sports to boost your appetite. Doing something like swimming will leave you ravenous afterwards. Now, you should know this. exercising actually suppresses hunger while you are doing it. But post-exercise the hormone responsible for hunger surges and leaves you searching for a meal as fast as possible. I suggest swimming over anything else. In my experience, once I step out of the water and relax for a few minutes, I feel hunger clawing at me like an animal is trapped inside me.

Aside from that, another way to get yourself to eat more is to use larger plates. As simple as it is, it is proven by research to be a great way to trick your brain into eating more food. When you serve the same amount of food into a larger plate, it seems smaller than it actually is and this leads to eating more without even realizing it. You can even increase the amounts you serve yourself and as long as the plate is significantly bigger, it will trick your brain and make you eat more.

You could also try eating smaller meals more frequently. This method is less about boosting your appetite and more about managing it. Since your appetite is low and you can't handle three full meals a day, you could try eating five smaller meals daily. It may seem like more but its actually the same thing. Your total daily food intake would remain the same and you would be eating amounts that your appetite can handle.

Lastly, you could reduce the amount of fluids you take before and during meals. Research shows that people who drink water before and during meals tend to eat less than those who finish their food before drinking. Reduced fluid intake before meals has been found to boost calorie intake by  8.7%.

If none of these methods work then you can resort to using an appetite stimulant. As the name implies, they are drugs that boost the appetite and aid in proper food consumption

I hope these methods help boost your appetite. We need to eat enough food daily to be able to function properly so I hope I've helped with your problem


We are in a society of overconsumption, if your body is not asking for more food is because you do not need it. If you want to eat more to gain weight it is best to start a daily exercise routine to stimulate the body by burning calories that you will then want to recover through food intake.