Quality of Contents Aside, What Are Other Critical Factors Which Determine Success In This Steemit Platform?

Relationship: Truth be told, one of the things which have helped me succeed on this platform has been my relationship with others on the Blockchain. In fact, lately, quality of content rarely matters on Steemit but the valuable relationship one has built over time with other steemians is what does. 

Consistency: It can be really discouraging if, after putting in so much work to make a decent post and then not even a single vote is found on it after all the efforts. Consistency is a virtue that we must learn if we want to survive on the Steem blockchain. The truth is, not everyday will be rosy, not everyday will be Christmas, not everything will go well, but your ability to remain consistent despite the ups and downs on Steemit is what matters and one of the factors that propels success.

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There are a few things that will make your time on Steemit a success:

- Patience. Don’t try to rush this. Steemit is a grind so make sure you’re happy to be here for the long term.

- networking. Get to know as many people as you can on Steemit. This is a social platform so knowing lots of people pays off big time.

- understanding what people want. You can produce the most amazing content in the world but if people aren’t interested in it they won’t bother checking it out.

- loads of hard work. Earning Steem isn’t easy so be prepared to slug it out. This isn’t an easy platform to do well on. And it shouldn’t be easy.


Networking. It's who you know that counts. Steem has stake-based voting, which means that the vote value of a user depends on how much Steem Power they own. To network with and befriend high-SP users you need to go to their comment sections and post high-quality comments. Find users whose content you genuinely like and are interested in. Be persistent and stay the course. Don't power down and sell everything. Add value and support others. Be a positive and constructive Steemian willing to invest your time and earnings on this platform. High-SP users want to reward those who are in it for the long haul and willing to build the platform. You can also hang out on Discord. Let your relationships develop organically. 


You said **Other Critical Factors Which Determine Success Part from having good content.

Well, SteemitInc aim is, Good content = success

But I'm sorry to say that the critical situation on Steemit these days is, Accounts with good content don't really get what they Worth.

So to be successful on this platform,

Engagement: Always visit post of those top accounts. Comment and be part of their dialy blog life.

Join communities: steemit has a lot of dapps and communities. These communities upvote those accounts that follow their community rule.

Invest: don't forget to invest. Power up so you can have curate great contents.


To succeed in Steemit is never easy. I have been a member for more than a year, yet I am still struggling. However, I believe my perseverance will eventually bear fruit.

To succeed on Steemit, you need to have the abilities or skills. Many who are successful Steemians despite without investments coming out of their pockets have the skills that some communities are looking for.

You also need to explore. There are some apps built on Steem Blockchain where you can earn from. Use them accordingly to the rules, and you will eventually find success.

You need to perseverance and patience. When I joined Steemit, I earned a lot of zeros and few cents on my post until I was noticed by some great Steemians. I might still be struggling, but so far surviving.

You need to have the connection. Join different communities. Look for the projects as well that are gaining momentum.

If you have the means, invest. Of course, even with investments, it is essential to create your community.

Build up your reputation. Being a good Steemian can give you a good reputation, and you will gain respect from others.

But you should keep this in mind. These cannot guarantee success, but can possibly help on your Steem journey. You should also be consistent because being on top can possibly bring you to the bottom. So just keep Steeming.

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Because at first when you start, you might receive a few small upvotes, which might even bring you 0.01$. And it is easy to quit at that point.

But through persistance and determination, one will keep on engaging in the community, and keep on producing good content. And step by step, the gains will increase. And once this starts, it goes exponentially.


Another factor for determining success in steemit other than content is the amount of investment. Steemit.Inc hopes that anyone who has joined the community can invest in a platform to maintain stability. When you make an investment and power up this will make you more quickly achieve your success. 


The answer is simple. Beside quality contents, it's all depend upon your social network, strong communication with fellow steemians, your nice communication skills, and your loyal followers help to make successful in this community.  The easy formula for getting all this success is by having a lot of steem power. Rule is simple, fruitful tree attract more birds, so, a man with high steem value accounts attracts more people. 


Seriously it all deals with connection, getting connected really matters alot on the Steemit platform..

In order to get good rewards, you have to engage with people not just on Steemit d apps. But also everywhere else you can actually connect with them, we have social media apps like discord, telegram. And what sap where you can communicate with other steemians..

# Engagement is the key to success on the platform..

And never give up!!


It is all in who you know. I see people putting out complete shit and still getting huuuuuuge upvotes because they know people. Steemians refer to it as circle jerking. Most of the orcas and whales got to where they are by this practice. 


There are two other important factors that you must understand before you go too far on the steemit platform, and if you already understand, get ready for success.

* First

Give your best comments on every post on the steemit platform, comment on their posts according to the contents of the posts they write and don't spamm on their comments. my advice is to follow some whale regularly.

You can apply this method on the musing.io platform easily, do your best and see the results.

* Second

Make a number of investments into your account by buying some steem for your power up, you can also go to minnowbooster.net/lease or blocktrades.us to get a number of steem power for you to use for a long time by renting it.

This method is very effective and I have tested it, do it. Notify me if you successfully do this method.

Have a nice day, and good luck.


first you need to define what is success on steemit for yourself. 


Believe me or not, being active on Musing is a very significant factor. If you are not good at asking questions or answering questions please go and learn it. Because all other factors that will make you to be very successful in steemit require real hard work and perseverance or long time.

But for now, being active and good on Musing is still the simplest of all these factors.