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Which Animal Would You Keep As Pet: Why Its Prefarence To Others?


I find them irresistibly cute, loving, and add so much joy to my life.

The Egyptians were surely onto something when they worshipped them as Gods... :-)


I have pet fish. Well, I am the boring sort of person who likes animals that won't run around or need much attention at all to it. I have an aquarium that has about six koi fish two gold fish one flower horn and a guppy. There were more guppy but I guess they din get to live long.

Then the good thing about fishes is, they are gentle and when you feel them and if you placed your hands in the water, they will come and eat from your palm. It's really cute. Some fish live long time. The fish some may say are not as fun as dogs as they won't provide those interactions but I guess if you rear them, they would have these basic cute things you like. One time I covered my palm in front of the glass and the flower horn fish was behind and it swam upwards and was curious to see me. If I go to a vacation, I don't really need to worry about feeding them as fishes can usually last a week without being fed.

I love pet dogs too but well they need alot of attention and there is a worry about them when I go for any vacation.

My sister keeps dogs at home. Then sometimes at night, at about four am, it comes and scratch my door.


If you want a pet you can play with, and spend time with, and spoil, and have them love you unconditionally., you should go with a dog, the bigger the more love.

If you want a pet that you can train, and do stuff for you, you should get a dog, a smart breed.

If you want a pet that is basically just another baby you need to care for 24/7, that will likely not play with you, and will likely not like be touched very much, you should have a bunny rabbit.

If you want a pet that thinks you're the pet from the second scenario, you should get a cat.

If you want a pet that looks nice, and requires little care, you should get a goldfish, or a bearded dragon.

I keep two bunny rabbits.

They are terrible.

Bloodthirsty, vengeful, dumb, noisy, messy, a literal incarnation of garbage.

Don't get me wrong, 

I love them, 

They are so fluffy, and cute, and warm, and fuzzy,

but if I had a choice to turn the time, 

I would get a dog.


I will always choose a dog. My first pet was a dog and I am really happy about it. The dog is man's best friend indeed. It is very loyal and loving. My dog is named Bruno and he is my best friend. Dogs are good pets because:

  • Easily trained
  • Loyal
  • Look forward when you get home
  • Bring you laughter
  • Cheer you up when you feel down
  • Help you stay fit by walking them

I could say that if you are planning on having a pet, a dog is a wise choice. Just make sure that you are ready and prepared for the responsibilities so that the dog will also stay happy just like you do. I hope I was able to answer your question.


Its always gonna be a dog. I mean whats not to love. They what most people call, practice babies. A dog is the only animal that will love you (its owner) more than itself.

I once read an article where a dog who lost its owner and was adopted. It kept sneaking out at odd times of the day. One day the new owner followed iy and found out that it kept on sneaking off to its previous owners grave. I repeat, what's there not to love about dogs and why they should be the preferred pet.

Again, another article and more that i have come across as stated of how brave dogs are and in particular one scenario where a snake found its way into a home where an infant was left unattended to. The dog found the snake just as it was going to attack both it and the baby. It fended for itself and saved the baby's life.

Enough said, i prefer dogs because they are truly man's best friend and they prove it everyday.


DOG. I would like to keep a dog as my pet because, according to history, a dog is man's best friend. The dog has always been known to keep man company. It also has some form of detective eyes or has the sense of perception and is able to perceive between good and evil. Unlike any other animal, a dog can act as both a pet and a detective. What a relief. Two package in one.