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Are Natural Forests Beneficial To Mankind; How?

Natural forests are highly beneficial to mankind in the sense that without having natural forests there would be a high rate of heat in our environments which could even lead to death. The reason why our governments today ask everyone to plant a tree is so as to reduce the rate of heat.

Lack of Natural forests also help promote Global Warming. Global warming is the increase in the temperature of the earth. Fumes from industries also promote global warming and that is a life threatening occurrence. So it is advisable for each household on earth to plant a tree 🌲 as it can save mankind.

Having trees close-by help circulate fresh Air in the surroundings and even in your neighborhood.


There is a lot of benefit in natural forests.

The benefits of natural forests can not be denied. As their have been a lot of many products or should I say raw material that have been gotten from the natural forests either from the trees, the plants the gums , the flowers and many more which is of more benefit to mankind.

Also natural forest helps in the ventilation of the surrounding if not, everybody would have been so hot and hot.

There is and will always be a lot of benefits of natural forests to mankind as it can not be denied. Anything natural to me have more benefits to mankind than those artificial so I will say natural forests are beneficial to mankind.



I believe there Β are plenty of natural forests before. But as the population of men continue to rise, we take down forests to build settlements. We clear forests for farming. We take for granted the benefits we can get from forests.

For me, natural forests are beneficial because:

  • the trees suck up the carbon dioxide that men and animals produce and in return, gives us oxygen to breathe.
  • they prevent global warming.Β 
  • the trees provide us with fuel. Dead branches of trees can be used as firewood for our kitchens and heaters.
  • they serve as natural habitat for animals. If we continue taking down trees, time will come the next generation will not be able to see animals.

That is why, as much as possible, we plant trees to help Mother Earth regenerate.


Sometimes one might come to the conclusion that mankind might not be beneficial for that planet...


They soak up the CO2 and gives us Oxygen in turn.