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Why do some dark skinned People bleach while the white skinned want a tan coloured?

It's because of the media. This is the biggest brainwash of the human minds of this century. It seems that the greatest and highly paid stars in the world are Hollywood stars. People usually use the reference from somewhere to get a clue of what things should be like. The skin whitening industry is one of the biggest in the world. It's worth an billions and the more the population grows, the higher this number gets. 

Getting bright skin is not only a common thing that people with darker skin do, it is common for those with fair skin too. Fair Asians do use a lot of whitening creams as they would want to be fairer than they have been. This is to increase the beauty. From my view, having a good complexion is more important than having a fair skin. Skin free of acne, pimples and originality. Many would go to plastic surgery to even  alter their looks. 

I guess, being lighter tone is something to be perceived as beauty for some communities which have darker skin. From my view, what is born is beautiful. 

Then for those non Asian whites. Asians with white skin seldom go for tan as they see the sunlight as something that would burn them alive like vampires who would dry up if the sun hits their skin. I guess, The whites or Caucasians want to have a tan skin to look more manly for guys and for girls maybe to get a specific complexion. Having just a bit of a darker shade of skin colour is great to showcase the different body parts in different shades. 

I guess, it is great to be given any skin colour no matter what colour that would be. It is something we should embrace. That is what makes the world great. If everyone had the same colour and same likings, the world would be really boring. Everyone is unique in a way. 


Blacks are being made to believe that it's only a fair skin that can be regarded as beautiful. They are all falling to the white man's definition of a beautiful woman. Also some black men seem to fall for a fair lady easily than a black lady, and this made some black ladies to believe that men prefers fair skin ladies to dark skin ladies. But that is a big lie. Men like ladies that treat them right regardless of skin color

It's only insecure black girls that seek to bleach their skin. The black skin is the most amazing skin anyone could have. It could withstand any weather and it glows even in the dark. I can't bleach my awesome black skin for any price

Insecurity is the major reason why most black girls bleach their skin, as for the white girls tanning their skin, they are coming to realize that dark is true beauty. Just saying!


Inferiority complex is a major thing why most people choose to change there skin complexion. An individual will high self esteem will surely going to love his/her colour

Another reason is human's are never satisfied. It's a well known fact that most humans never get satisfied with whatever they have they always seek for what appears better to them which might not be actually better than what they have. The unending wants of humans makes some people to change their skin complexion

Social media has promote some skin colour over some and due to this some people are influence to change their complexion


For me between whitening and clearing the nuance is really thin especially when the person in front of you can see that is whitened.It is often used when we assume what we do ..

So why bleach ??? it is a problem of self-understanding and then it is often the Western model that is put forward so some want to look like them.

So why white person want to tan, it can be also for the same reasons: to look like the model that is proposed to us and that does not exist in fact :)