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How often were you quarrelling with siblings as a child; would you do so now for the same reason ?

Growing up with three siblings, two younger brothers, and an older sister, there was fighting.  I would say my sister and I fought more than my younger brothers and I fought.

I would be silly to fight over the things we did when we were younger.  One of the things my sister and I would fight over is clothes.  She would wear mine without asking and I would wear hers without asking.  Today, we don't even live in the same state and are not even the same size.  I look back now and it was pretty ridiculous.  

My younger brothers and I would fight about space in the basement.  They would want to build their Lego cities and my friends and I would want to build are barbie houses and towns.  We would have to take turns each week which meant tearing down whatever they built or whatever we had created.  This was not a good solution.  Plus, our basement was big.  This wouldn't be an issue currently for us to fight about. 

My siblings and I fought minimally.  The most we fought was probably during the summers because we were all home.  For the most part we got along and generally played together most of the time with all our neighborhood friends.  


When we were still little kids, my sister and I do quarrel a lot. If not everyday, I am pretty sure, we fought over small things often. Maybe because we have 5 year age difference that we do not somehow understand things at the same level when we were still young. Here are some of the petty things we fought about when we were still young:

  • Whose turn it is to wash the dishes.
  • Who takes a bath first in the morning.
  • Who does the laundry.
  • Which channel to watch.
  • Who takes charge when parents are not at home.
  • Folding dry clothes.

Now that we are both all grown up. We do not fight about minor things anymore, sometimes we have misunderstandings with some issues but the thing is we do not fight anymore. There are times when I am angry at her or she is angry at me, we just talk it out or wait until we are both calm to discuss the issue.

Looking back at my childhood, even if we do not play often, I still find my sister one of the best sisters in the world up until this day. She is my role model and I am very proud of what she has become. Interesting question and I hope my answer helps!


I use to have issues with my siblings when we were little, especially my elder brother. I can't really remember any specific thing, that made us fight. But one thing i do remember, is that my brother deliberate looks for my trouble. Its was like his own way of playing with me and i didn't like it one bit. I remember when i gave him a black eye and taunted him about it for days, and i made sure to tell the other kids, that i was stronger. But i wasn't, i just got lucky. He still gets on my nerve sometimes, but as an adult i just ignore him and put him in his place when necessary.

I was always at loggerheads with my younger sister too. I was a really quiet child and she was outgoing, so she always tried to oppress me. Sometimes they let us fight, just to prove to her that i'm older and stronger. But we are both grown now, so there's no dispute between us. And when we disagree we use our words, as mature adults.


Hmm, this is a funny question and it makes me remember when i was still a child.

Well my family is a very peaceful one and I and my siblings cooperate alot when we were little till date.

Yeah as children then there was quarrelling and sometimes fighting which is normal because we were children growing up but the fighting is very rare but we do quarrel and argue alot on trivial issue but then it was big to us.

But now we are all grown up men and women and we are still very close and we don't fight at all again and we hardly quarrel but we can't quarrel for the same reason that makes us quarrel then,we were children and acted as children now we are mature and should act as matured people.

Not at all we don't quarrel because of those issue anymore.