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Do You See Global Warming Campaign as a Hoax and Propaganda : If Not; Why?

No, the global warming is happened now, and it's become worse and worse.

Spread of garbage everywhere, large industries with air pollution are created everywhere, and various other bad things. We, as humans who live on this earth, we must try to reduce the impact for future generations. If not, then soon the Resurrection will occur. 


It is real and is not a hoax. Cities like New York and London are getting ready to protect their cities.

With the Polar ice cap melting due to warmer temperatures the sea levels are expected to rise considerably. This has a massive impact on areas that are just above sea level.

New York and London will be very different places if something isn't done soon. London put in the Thames Barrier a while ago but will be too small to stop the expected tidal surges in 20 years time. It now needs to be made bigger and work both ways.

When there are heavy rains and tidal surges the City of London will be under water so storage tanks deep under ground are being done now. This will be  a precautionary method to reduce the flooding.

New York is putting in a barrier that will be 20 meters high along the river bank. This will be hidden by developing it into a recreational area for people to walk and ride bikes along. They are spending nearly a Billion dollars on this project alone.

Other places as well are taking drastic action like the  Republic of Kiribati sits just 2 meters above sea level. They have purchased land on Fiji as a back up to move the entire country. The Solomon islands has already lost five islands in the last 100 years. 

The Maldives. A place I really want to visit is under threat as well. They are the ones in the biggest trouble sitting 1.8 meters above sea level. I think it is too late for most of these places as the damage has been done already.

This in not a hoax and is as real as it gets.

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Weather modification or climate change is a global phenomenon.

We can’t blame anyone for this. We as a whole human are responsible for it.

The causes of weather modifications are:-

Emission of greenhouse gases.


Elimination of trees

Increasing population

There are several remedies that can be made to overcome the problem of climate change.

First of all we should try to use alternative fuels which are environment friendly.

Second step that could be taken is to save the trees, plant more and more trees.

Infrastructural changes should be made in such a way that it should be minimize effect of environment.

Maximum efforts should be made to minimize the use of electricity.

Efforts should be made that work place should be closer to home so as to save fuel and energy.

Consume health are natural food.

Avoid unnecessary usage of energy. 

Teach our children to save the tress involve them in environment friendly activities.


theAnswer of your  Question do not depends on Propaganda but ON the Action Of organization of that Propaganda.  Propaganda Help to let people know. the question is this.  What will the Persons IN CHarge of that propaganda do.  many Scammer use propaganda to earn for their own and not to help other people.