Why do you think Steemit has fewer subscribers as compared to other social media networks?

Although popular social media site have millions of daily users. They have also been online for much longer than steemit.com.

But there are certain things that I think are holding back steemit from going mainstream:

  • Crypto Bear Market:  The bear market has had a massive effect of how many people use the social media. When prices are high so are the daily attendance, posting, up voting and more interaction in general.
  • Slow on boarding: People today can't wait for something we need everything to be instant so we can have gratification. So the two week wait period is unacceptable. And we need to improve that. Please support projects that make on boarding easier like Activit recently announced they will try to solve. 
  • Early stages of adoption: We are still only on the early stages of adoption I feel. It would be a shame if we are not. Early adopters are often rewarded handsomely of they position themselves correctly.
  • Complicated keys management: Although the keys/password management can be confusing at the beginning. It is of utmost importance that you hold your own crypto. Otherwise it is the same as  central planning that has failed money systems so horribly in the past. What we need are people explaining these things clearly to the users. 
  • It's a movement: Only when the masses realize what the oligarchs of media are doing will they move to censor resistant social media that rewards them instead of stealing their data.

Steemit.com has plenty of growth to achieve, lets all work to make it a success! 



I think that there are several reasons why Steemit has less subscribers than other social media, despite the economic incentive.

The first one maybe precisely the motto that the platform has used to promote itself. It is allegedly a site where you get paid for posting, voting, and commenting on other people’s posts. Well, we all know it is not that simple. When people realize how much extra work and time is involved in that “being paid for posting and commenting”, then the hype goes down and the word is spread. You may call it false advertisement.

Derived from this economic aspect is the issue of security. Lots of complicated security measures to keep in mind because your account can be hacked and there’s no way to help you recover what you lose. Most people do not want to have to bother with that.

The display Steemit has may also be less attractive for youth who are used to facebook, youtube or instagram. The immediacy of the info and the interactivity may also play against it.

Steemit has quite a few norms or regulations that keep many people away from it. Also, the power disparity among the different hierarchies of users may contradict the idea of the decentralized/democratized network some people bring to the platform. When it comes to making money on line most people want simple task, even if repetitive. They don’t want to deal with some social etiquette or lobbying that will eventually, very slowly sometimes, get you to a position where you can start to make some money.

Some people say that the lack of advertisement may also be discoursing users. I don’t see it like that, but people get attracted by the most unusual things, so who knows.

Finally, the instability of the crypto market is something that definitely has kept some people away from Steemit. Lots of work and time without of a guarantee. That is probably the most important factor. The other, more popular social media offer just fun and gossiping. I guess most people would rather pay for that, than being paid for what we all do. 


Because Steemit is not like any other platform. It's easy to upload a photo (that many time is not yours) to Facebook or other social media platform, sit back and wait for likes. That might give people satisfaction. It's easy to collect meaningless upvotes using other people work, it's harder here on Steemit. 

You can't do that on Steemit. Here you need to work hard to get somewhere and you also need to learn. There is a financial part that needs good management, and let's not forget that engagement is key here. If you want to succeed, you need to work hard. 

People tent to choose the easy way. Why go take photos when you can take someone else's photo? Why work hard to write and article when you can just say a few words and post a selfie? 

And let's not forget the fact that Steemit is not ready for mass adoption yet, it's still in Beta form. 


At first, Steemit is not really for everyone to begin with. There was a time when contents are only limited / are preferred to be crypto-related. Until things change and others started to popularize other types of contents like: photography, travel, food, and the normal social media contents.

When I joined this platform, I honestly think that it's intimidating. A full-length article and a community that scrutinize contents based on quality and relevance is somewhat intimidating to me. It's good that we had this kind of culture, however we can't remove the fact that it could also deter prospective users to join the platform knowing that they don't have the sufficient skill set to produce the kind of high quality contents that the community would want to reward.

Other or conventional media platforms are almost boundless or limitless when it comes to quality, plagiarism, and so on so forth. User on-boarding is also as easy as creating an email. On top of that, there were no expectations that the community will impose to you. Basically, it's easy and hassle free.

If there is one thing that I think would help the Steemit platform when it comes to User base, it has to be the on-boarding of new users and if I may add ~ a good interface that will offer a good experience to the users.


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Steemit is a new site, relatively with a smaller network. Also the interface is quite poor for it to compete with facebook. however, its more like a blogsite and decent at that. the incentive to get people on to the network was money which did not really go down well and also, money is cryptocurrency and most people haven't yet adopted that. they need to learn about crypto, how to move steem to an exchange and how to cash out. With increasing crypto adoption and understanding of exchanges, people will come to steemit lock stock and barrel. 

moreover, this is great time to create decntralised versions of fb, quora, reddit etc, right now, so that when people are more informed, we have the sites ready and we see exponential user growth. 

right now with little crypto understanding, adoption will remain low as the incentive for people to move is not getting realised. however, steemit has done well to attract early adopters of tech i believe 


I think Steemit has fewer subscribers because it is more like a blogging/educational platform than a social media. No matter how much time I spend on steemit, I still love to go and laugh at jokes on Instagram and chat with new people, steemit is not that much fun..  It's easier to express yourself on other social media networks than on the steemit for the fear of being flagged..

Even with the dollar sign at every post, it is still difficult to get an upvote and that makes people to leave as well..


I think it is mainly due to marketing.  Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter do all sort of marketing.  On top of that, they do so much advertising.  In a way, even though people pay them for the ads, the scale of the companies that advertise with them is , in return advertising for the Facebook's and Twitter's of the world.  

To go further, the backbone of Steemit is its users.  Considering the decentralized nature of the platform it is up to the users to do the marketing and on-board new users.

If I were to pick one big reason it would be the advertising piece.  Since you can't buy ads on Steemit, big company's are going to use Facebook and Twitter where they can attract more people to their various companies.  That is also part of the beauty of Steemit.  The fact that the experience is all about the individual and at the same time, the community.


Steemit still isn't as mainstream as the other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even LinkedIn for that matter, among many others. Steemit is also connected to the crypto space which many are afraid to touch right now even though it's mainly social media based. There's implied fear even in a small capacity of crypto from all facets (security, taxes, regulation, etc.). If the crypto space were to become more accepted and more mainstream combined with a higher level of awareness to the Steemit platform, then you'd surely see a large spike in user volume.


To be quite frank people don't know about it. Steem is in beta form ,so still a test period.

Steem is not ready to have millions of users just yet and is still working on sorting issues out. Hardfork 20 introduced Resource Credits which was to assist with bandwidth issues. It did decrease the amount of spamming and even though some people complained had a positive effect.

Steem is not like other social media sites and I don't think you can compare it to them. Once people understand I think the platform will take off but that is many months away still. Let us wait for Smart Media Tokens as this will have a huge impact.

I am happy they are taking their time and it is more important to get the platform right and iron out any problems..


Steemit is still developing and it isn't up to 5 years since its launch. Most people are not yet aware of steemit and the possibilities it offers. I believe that with time, many people will get to know about steemit and long to be part of it.

Also, blockchain technology is still quite young and so many people are trying to understand it, people will appreciate steemit more and want to be part of it once they understand what blockchain technology is about