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Between Idea And Money, Which Comes before The Other:Can One Be Possessed Without The Other?

It goes both on same way. Either idea then money or vice versa.

An example is that an inclined plane, the first(if not) simple machine ever constructed or invented that garnered money as it was widely used before to transfer things from places to places. While on the other hand, money then idea takes place to some modern companies or corporation that offers the best price to produce the brilliant ideas they needed. So basically I am talking about time constraint with regards to your two possible alternating proposition, the one that happens before industrial revolution and the latter one which is about modern technology and ideas.


These are two concept that can spark up successful businesses that's why in the world today we have businesses with joint ownerships because obviously in a joint business the two parties are operating the business based on what they each bring to the table and are co-dependent on each other in other for the business to continue growing unlike a sole proprietor.

sometimes it's possible for someone to have pure technical know-how (idea) and have no money, or to have the finance for a business investment and yet have no technical and tactical business prospects vice versa as well.

Between idea and money, in my opinion I don't think there's no one that comes before each other really this is because money can be inherited, someone may have money without even utilizing anything to make it. This is because the money could have been willed to him, in this instance it seems money comes first, but a vivid look at the situations, idea may also be used to make money but sometimes also if ideas doesn't have money to nurture it, it may die, so these both depend on each other in other to be fruitful and because they codepend on each other it will be impossible to pinpoint which one generally comes first more likely than the other.

The both can actually be possessed at the same time and it's people who actually possess the both that goes on to be entrepreneurs, running business themselves without having to go into a partnership.


Yes. One can come without the other, it can be a vice versa situation.

Even you do not have money, ideas can come. It can be an idea on how to get or acquire money. Could be a business plan/idea or idea on how to work effectively to be able to get a salary increase or a promotion.

There are those who have business ideas who loan money in order to make it happen. Then it could give them a lot of money if it become successful. That is an example when idea comes before money.

Money can also comes before idea. An example is that a person who has money has an idea of investing his money to stocks or buying stocks in order to gain more money.

Or a Scientist who have money suddenly has an idea of inventing or studying something since he has the resources.


Idea ---> Money. Idea can bring more money, but to make an idea realized need some money too.

Money !---> Idea, money cant bring idea, but money can directly buy the best idea and realized it.

Seems confusing, but thats the truth.


Hi. Both idea and money should go hand in hand because each needs the other to become reality (idea) and to multiple (money). So many who have ideas do not always get them achieved because there is no money to execute their projects. People have also experienced their ideas being stolen by those who have the funds and all it takes to make their ideas reality. Some have even being cheated when partnering with those who have the funds, they get peanuts from their partners when things materializes. It is best if one can have his ideas and the resources to execute them when he desires. Thanks.



Any successful individual out there must have the right and good ideas

With a well sound ideas one can make use of the money he has to generate more funds

For they say knowledge is power and having ideas means someone is knowledgeable


Idea and money should go hand in hand. One gives the other meaning.

Which one should come first? I believe that should be idea. Money without idea will be gone in no time. Money will have meaning and generate real value when there is an idea behind it.

Idea without money can also be very frustrating as money is very necessary to fuel and make idea works. A situation of having one and lacking other can never be ideal.

Can one be possessed without the other? Sure, a man without idea can come across money one way or the other but such money is fleeting at best. Also one can have wonderful idea without money to make it work. It is quite common to come across people that have one and not the other.


Ideas begets money.. So I wouldn't say ideas comes first or money comes before ideas, because money can buy ideas. So that the said ideas can create more money. That means you need ideas to make money or in this case more money.

To possess money you need ideas so to say, because money doesn't come out of the ordinary unless you stole it. Like for a businessman who wants to succeed in a given area he has to survey the area and look out for the basic needs the area is lacking in and is highly patronized but not readily available for the people so that when he start delivering that said good he can maximize profit, that's idea rolling into place to fetch money.

With this I will say Ideas and money go hand to hand, to possess money you need solid and viable ideas to succeed and make more money and also without money you can't execute your ideas no matter how viable they are.

So ideas and money go hand in hand.

Hope I was able to answer the question?