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Are Traditional Rullers (Monarchy) still relevant in this modern world; Would you want your King Dethroned?

Monarchy is related to feudalism and it is an old system of government that should have been abolished with the likes of communalism, socialism and communism although in some cultures like African culture monarchy represents the maintenance of customs and tradition of ancient people and that is why I think it hasn't been abolished. If you take a look at Nigeria you will discover that there are so many kings, emir and caliphate and they are still practicing democracy as a system of government while maintaining their old practices of monarchy before the British colonial era, so the only reason why I think the monarchy is still in position in so many country is because it represents the custom and tradition of that country and there is always a sentiment in abolishing custom and tradition and that is why it still stand today.

The truth is that they hardly have any relevance because they do not contribute to how the country is being ruled how the national budgets are being solved neither are they part of the legislature all the judiciary but the only representation which there is symbol of is only to maintain custom and tradition like for example I believe the British are practicing monarchy which is their historic tradition but inside of this practice you could still see that the British have a parliamentary system of government and that the monarchial system of government is only a ceremonious tradition that is why the queen of england is only a ceremonious ruler and the prime minister is actually the head of state controlling the affairs of government.

So the truth is that they do not have relevance in this modern world but I do not think they should be dethroned the reason why they shouldn't be dethroned is they serve as historic representation and the fact that they are not doing any harm to the current system of government is the reason why I think they should stay. If you look at most countries of the world you will hardly see monarchy without a mixture of another system of government


Monarchy is dated and not efficient any more. History proves it.

A monarch is not elected by the people and he's definitely not representing the people. A ruler who inherits the throne regardless of his or her competence or the people's will can not be seen as a fair choice to rule a country. People deserve fair representation.

I believe in democracy, in freedom and in fair representation. People have the right to choose, to express their views and will by voting the leader and a parliament. It's the 21st century, people should wake up and think, use their heads and not sink in slothfulness.

If my country would be ruled by a king, I would want him gone as soon as possible and would want fair elections.


There are many types of Government humans have tried and used over time.

  • A monarchy is one leader. Also know as a King or a Queen.
  • Oligarchy is a few leader, much like democracy. 
  • Anarchy are No leaders.

I personally feel government has failed us miserably in the last two hundred year. They have killed and maimed many. 

The revolutions caused by communism killed 100 million respectively in China and Russia.

They have succeeded in centralizing money and in effect enslaved the entire world. 

And there tentacles yet still spread across the face of the world. 

What make a Monarchy good. Is that as you mentioned a king can be dethroned. But in most cases of the past, their head where removed. 

It makes him accountable to his people. As you have a mutual respect from the society.

I think they are relevant. But I still think there is a place for small government that is close to the community and not far away.


I will say yes to an extent and no to an extent.

There are actually some parts in the world that they still see the traditional rulers as their president. In this type of place, I can say the traditional rulers is still very relevant and acknowledged.

There are also some parts in the world that it is even hardly to see one traditional rulers as they have become in relevant and outdated to them. They see their place as a more civilised and modernized society and so they believe they don't need any traditional rulers.

If I am opportune to have a king at where i am staying, I don't think i will have any reason to dethrone the king. so to me, I will not dethrone my king.

So I will conclude by saying that there are some parts of the world that the traditional rulers are still relevant and their some that the traditional rulers have become in relevant.