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Which Are Your Reasons You Would Still Be Active In Musing-io , If Rewards For Participation Are Suspended?

If reward for participation is suspended, that won't stop me from using musing because I love what I do. When you love what you do, you won't be bothered about the reward because the reward will serve as an additional bonus to you.

Recently, I haven't received any upvotes from musing after providing quality answers as I use to do but this hasn't stopped me from answering questions on musing. The mistake we do make sometimes is that we do think everything is all about money and this is really affecting us in a way we may not notice. Someone who is keen to earning money irrespective of what he does may not end up enjoying his job if he isn't paid.

A scenario can be sighted during the time of HF2.0 on Steemit whereby users weren't rewarded for their posts or they may earn very low upvotes. Most users abandoned musing because they never got the upvote they needed. My love for musing never allowed me do such a thing, I was consistent on the platform despite that hard situation.

I will be active on musing if reward were to be suspended for the below reasons

1) LEARNING: The two most important things we do mostly on musing is to earn and learn. If earning is absent, learning is surely present.

I believe in learning with the few time I have by asking questions I don't know and providing answers to questions I am very knowledgeable about. If I end up not getting rewarded with musing upvote, I will surely learn something which can't be taken away from me.

2) MY HOBBY: Visiting musing and providing quality answers to questions has now been part of my hobby. Scientists had proven that if you keep doing a particular thing for 3 weeks, you become addicted to it which makes it part of you. I have been on musing for a very long time which I can't even remember. I have been doing what I love doing on the platform since then and I am airway addicted to it.

It becomes very difficult for you to give up on your hobby or what you love doing because you won't feel stable and happy if you don't do it once. This is why I will continue to use musing if the rewards were to be suspended.

3) PAYBACK: I can't really tell you how happy I am ever since I have started using musing. Before I got to know about musing, I do write blogs and articles on my Steemit blog post but I do end up with low reward or some times no reward. I used to feel like giving up on Steemit then because I was just fed up.

Ever since I started using musing, my sense of hope increased because I was upvoted nicely on musing. I have earned cool rewards on Steemit with the help of musing. I am also able to build more followers and grow my reputation on Steemit with the help of musing.

If musing could help me in my difficult times, why should I leave musing in it's difficult time? I just don't feel complete if I haven't visited musing a day because I wish to pay back the good the platform done for me when I had nothing.

In conclusion, there is more to earning musing upvotes for providing answers and asking questions. Try to do something or anything without getting rewarded sometimes and see what happens to you later. Always be a man of value by being valuable on the platform either by helping others answer their questions or ask questions without expecting regards in return.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


This one is as simple as they come: because Q&A platforms make everyone smarter. Or at least have the potential to do so.

That alone is enough a reason for me to regularly check out Musing and reply to the questions I think I can add value to. Just like I’ve done for several years already on Quora.


I have said it in the Discord server and I will say it again.  I was here before the large delegations, I will be here after the large delegations.  I might not answer as many questions as I used to, but I will still be throwing my knowledge out there wherever I can.

I don't see rewards for participation going away though.  It is possible the delegations could be pulled from the musing account, but even if that happens, they will still find a way to reward people for their posts.  It might not be as much as it used to be, but it will be something.

I have a feeling the team is using these delegations wisely to earn some curation rewards that are going to help them build their account over time.  Eventually it may not matter as much if the delegations are taken away because the musing account will be big enough to sustain itself.

The other way to look at it is if they dry up, they dry up.  I personally wouldn't be relying on musing as my only source of income on the Steem blockchain anyway.  There are so many different components and opportunities to grow your account that throwing all of your eggs into one basket would be pretty foolish anyway.

Let's all try to live in the moment a little more and not try to speculate about delegations and rewards.  That makes it quite a bit less fun doesn't it?


I will still be here. maybe not the hours that I have spent recently but I will still be around.

We have to be honest with each other and that we are on Steemit to grow our account and one day be worth something. If there were no rewards one cannot spend a lot of time here and need to be somewhere where you can grow,

I am sacrificing engagement on the platform by being here and it has cost me.  I am not overly worried as I have slowly been doing a little less here and managing my time better.

I am hopeful that at some point there will be  a point system that will be transferred for tokens later on. This may or may not happen but I will be here.


Well if it happens than the most important reason any user should be 

To get to know the answers that a user has. 

To be honest after I got active in here I was able to get though many unanswered questions of mine that at some point I was not able to ask other users for various reasons which really got me a step ahead in my Steem Journey and I was missing a lot of thing by not being here.

While apart from that I was able to share my ideas and thoughts with others and it was a nice feeling to get appreciated by the efforts that you give towards others and they give you a humble thanks. 

I am really looking forward to Musing so that when they prepare to launch their SMT token and I want to be an early adopter of those tokens as well(little late but th e wait till next year will be worth it)

 And I do believe that in near future we are going to compete with Qoura. So missing out of that option is not a chnace 


The privilege given for one to seek clarity on matters disturbing him is one good reason.

People pay lot of money seeking a consultant even on smalls matters. Musing has given a free atmosphere to get your questions answered without paying any sum is a good opportunity for one to keep checking in.

In addition, gaining different view on certain matters is a good comfort and can help one utilize both answers for proper productivity. Usually an answer coming from one person is less effective than having same answer from different lot of persons


At first glance, I honestly thought that musing is basically a Q&A platform, which is true at some point.

However, as I stay longer and have an insight about the platform and its participants. I'm starting to realize how great it is and that is basically the main reason that I would stay in this platform even if the incentives are suspended.

If I may, a platform is just a platform. The important factor in it are the participants who offer their time & expertise to share their insights among the other participants of this platform.

So, I guess that's about it. To reiterate, if in case that the rewards are suspended, I would stay and continue alongside with the other participants.