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Most Of My Questions On Science and Philosophy Don't Attract Answers ; Why?

Firstly, I will have to apologize for what you are experiencing presently as regards to the low turn up of answers to your questions. As an individual who provides answer on Musing, I always try as much as possible to provide answers to questions I can answer perfectly so as to ensure that the questioner learns from it by making it more explicit.

I think your questions on science and philosophy isn't attracting much answers for now because there are few people who are capable of providing answers to such niche. I also use to provide answers to questions related to science and philosophy sometimes anytime I come across them because it is one of my favorite niche. I hope to help you with your questions if I come across them next time.

Your question on science and philosophy may also not attract answers because of the way you asked such questions. Most musers who provide quality answers love questions which are well explained and straightforward as this will make us understand the question well. I suggest you should try to make your question more explicit so that we will be able to answer your questions.

I love it when people ignore questions they can't answer on Musing other than providing false information or wrong answers to some questions. Don't you think it is better for some user to ignore your question than to answer your question with false answers? I am very sure your question will surely be answered by an expert in such field. You just have to ask your question correctly and make it well detailed. Also don't forget to use the right tags related to your questions. I will be looking forward to answering your questions on science and philosophy because they are one of my favorite niche on Musing.

In conclusion, I suggest you make your question more detailed so that experts will find it easy to understand your question and provide suitable and quality answers to your questions.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


While I am not necessarily referring to your questions, I find that many times, those are using language that needs further definition, or they are flat out using said language incorrectly. Other times, questions just make no logical sense in their structure. And final category of questions I avoid when it comes to science especially. Those are questions that sound like your average highschoolers next test questions. While I do think that in the former case things are to be pointed out... in the latter case...

I'm not doing your homework for you.

Try avoiding those, please.


Maybe you're not putting the questions in ways people understand or only very few people have interest in such categories. I see lots of questions Everyday that I find very hard deciphering what the user is trying to ask. I do skip such questions because I don't want to answer a question I don't understand.

If you asked such questions in ways people understood and still didn't have response on them, then very few people have interest in such areas. I only respond to questions on areas that interest me


I think that it isn't always thr cas, there are other topics that is being ignore for the main reason that that answers can be easily found in Google. I've been reading some concerns about it and it probably one of the causes of your concerns.

Aside from that, it maybe because most Musing users are not exactly an expert when it comes to those fields and so it is mostly differed until they eventually discard it. Don't get me wrong, science or philosophy is one of the interesting topics to answer, but it's also one of the most difficult especially if I don't specialise on it.

But you should never give up on it since questions will have a chance to be circulated if somebody search about it. If one of us put an answer to it, it will be recirculated to the feed and will probably get more attention along the way.


Most people only answer questions that they have considerable knowledge on. It will be very unwise to respond to questions one doesn't have sound knowledge on and musing may even consider such response as spam which may affect those that responded to the questions sincerely according to the best of their knowledge.

Maybe, most people here don't fancy answering questions from such areas. Questions on science do need some research in order to give a befitting answer, that may be quite time consuming as most people love responding to questions that don't demand too much. When the science and philosophy users increase, you may be having more responses on such questions.


That is what I was speculating a month ago, that there aren't a lot of scientist or engineers her on musing. So I too am not sure if I should ask complex questions or not. But when I do, I get a lot of answers that are obvious from people who don't have knowledge, or only basic knowledge of the subject.

I also thinking of just reposting the same question, who knows it just didn't get any views.


I think the users want to answer questions that they have knowledge of or life experiences to add.

If you want a question answered on Science etc you are better off going and looking it up yourself on Google. Musing may have started out that way initially but it has moved away from that which is a good thing I think. 

We had so many questions that were easily found on google and no one cares for those types of questions anymore. We were spammed with so many that users just ignore them now. I know I do and look for something else. 

Philosophy and science are a specialist field and I don't think the users are specialized in it and just skip them. I would suggest trying one or two every now and then but one never knows who might answer it.