What Would You Want Me Tell aFriend Who Threatened To Quit Steemit Because All His Posts (averagely Good Content ) Seldom get ONE Upvote?

He needs to network.

It's not possible to earn on good content alone on Steem. Why? Because people with stake, that is, people who own Steem Power, are not out there only to use it to reward others for good content for whatever little they would earn as curation rewards. That is not in accordance with human nature. Those who own stake self-upvote, upvote others with similar stake in circles or even sell their votes.  You can't expect people to be 75% altruistic. That's not how the world works.

Instead, you friend needs to engage and form relationships of mutual support with other users. One of the best ways to do that is to become a regular commentator on the blogs of people who own a lot of stake and comment well. No "nice post, sir" or any crap like that. No transparent ass kissing, either. Simply put, your friend should add value to the blog posts written by larger account holders by offering thoughtful and engaging comments. That way, he can get value back. That's the most organic way to network. That is community building and is usually also financially rewarded by the larger accounts.

Another important point is that your friend should, if possible, power up at least some of his earnings. The larger accounts here are concerned with growing the value of their investment. They want to reward those who do not take every SBD and STEEM out to the market adding the supply of the coins and bringing their price down. They want to support people who are in for the long haul and who believe in the platform. 

Hope this helps.


We all had experienced that in many cases as we cannot dictate the voting behavior of the Steemians. For me, they're getting the whole view of the platform. Upvotes are earned, not rewarded. You need to earn it not only by posting stuff which you think are good content enough to be upvoted. There are way lots of great contents out there too.

My point is, try to seek more strategies into getting attention to the community. One typical example of that will be engaging. Engage on other users posts and stay connected. Gaining network is a big impact in this network since it is resembled as a social-media based blogging protocol.

Participate in contests which you can earn rewards by the prizes and votes from the people. There are a lot of contests out there under #contest tag. Participate on the contest that you can submit one!

Lastly, there are a lot of dApps built on Steem blockchain focused on rewarding people. One of it is Musing, by just answering questions or even asking questions, you can earn some Steems because they incentivize those users who contribute to the platform.


To Never Give Up Easily..

When I was a newbie on steemit, I did not even understand the system, leave alone crypto. As for writing content, I was trying to post, comment, interact and join contests left and right but all I got was a measly upvote from other such minnows and the post reward was about 0.009 sbd or something in that range. 

I was disheartened and about to quit when I came across a sign- Never give up

Having resolved to give it one more go, I decided to read instead of post. I read posts by successful steemians, observed their pattern of posting, watched how other minnows slowly climbed up the wall and started interacting more than posting. more often, I got higher rewards from comments than posts. 

I also made the mistake of paying for upvotes as much I could afford but soon realized it was not worth it. Also people will not start 'noticing' you unless you have a worthy vote yourself. This made me lease steem power from @blocktrades and this was the best decision I ever made. The steem power helped me increase my steem and slowly I was able to make a difference. I also joined various groups and made many friends. 

The decision to invest in steem also helped a lot and hopefully, if the price of steem goes up, I will be able to gain a profit. 



Tell him to carry on. Nothing is easy in life and Steem mirrors life in more than one way.

The reality is you have to break through and it takes time and patience. I did a post about how this place works and it is a matter of understanding.

Basically you have to pay your dues before you are accepted. The reality is the early adopters and the bigger accounts have seen thousands of users arrive and just expecting. what happens is they just want to take and not work for the reward.

it took me 60 days to pay back the 15 SP that i received from Steem when my account was initially opened. I worked hard and spent hours every day writing and commenting for little or no reward. I was fortunately spotted by some users and helped but that took 3 and a half months of commitment.

You have to work hard to be accepted by the other users. There have been over a million accounts opened and we only have 16 000 users. What does that tell you. If your friend wants to give up because it's hard then let him.

Nothing is easy and if it was the place would be swarming with other users but it isn't. The easier it is the less value something has. I for one am happy that it is tough and separates the committed users and serious accounts to the ones who are just trying to make a quick buck.

Some of the Orcas and whales will tell you that their posts would only make a few cents when they started but as time went on they became more established. You need to honestly give your self time and 6 months is about right to start getting established.

Steemit is not for everyone and patience and hard work is required. being consistent is the key as other accounts are watching what you do. Your actions speak louder than words and I can now spot an account who is serious or not.

What your friend doesn't understand is it is going to get a lot harder to earn Steem when there are more users on the platform.


I would tell them to explore the dapps on the Steem blockchain - blogging is not for everyone and there are many other ways to earn some crypto on the Steem blockchain. Some great dapps I would suggest:

@musing - earn steem by asking and answering questions

@actifit - earn steem by tracking and sharing fitness activity

@steemhunt - earn steem by sharing cool new products

@dlike - earn steem by sharing interesting news articles

The other thing I would suggest (if they are seriously keen on keeping blogging), is to get to know the community more - go out and comment on people blogs, and get involved in discussions. If people know you they are more likely to drop by and read your blog


You have to network. My biggest mistake was waiting to get on discord. I have made more friends on there in the chat rooms than I have on steemit. Also try steem.chat