What Causes The Differences In Opinions And Beliefs Between Parents And Their Youthful Children?

This question really makes sense to me seeing as my family is having this problem right now. So let me explain what I know on the matter.

Children's behavioral patterns and way of thinking are influenced by four things.

  1. Their environment
  2. Their upbringing
  3. Their age
  4. Their experiences

The thing that most people don't understand or refuse to understand is that these four factors, as basic as they may seem, are the foundation of every person's thought process and as a result behavior and opinion on different matters. These things differ from person to person and from time to time and as such leads children of any generation to think differently from their parents who are of an earlier one. Let's take the current age as an example.

The parents of nowadays grew up in a world that was safer, more loving and more straight forward. It wasn't as openly cunning as the modern day is. There have always been crimes and all the negativity this world has but it was by far lesser then than it is now. As such, it leads to two very different opinions of life. 

Where parents have seen the world descend into the thing it is today, children have only ever known the world to be what it is. This difference in time leads to two different views of what is right or wrong. My father has always looked down on people with dreadlocks. I on the other hand have no problem with it. Its just a hairstyle. But he was born into an age where such things as dreadlocks were signs of mischief and nothing good so he cannot trust it. The same applies to our views on almost every matter.  Then compiling this with the rough neighborhoods that some children grow up in and as a result, the friends that they grow up having, the words, right, wrong and decent will have a list of meanings.

Leaving that aside, we have to also take note of the fact that children are generally lacking the life experience that their parents have. Experience is the source of our every decision and so a vast difference in it will lead to a vast difference in thinking.

This, I think are the major causes of the difference in opinions of parents and children. Take note though, its not always the children who are at fault. The older we get, the less adaptive we become. Old men and women refuse to change because they have a way of life they are used to and it is everything they know. So even if it no longer suits the modern day, they refuse to learn. This also applies to parents and their children. The children might be adapting to the modern age in a way that their parents find unreasonable because it is new to them. So they refuse it for their children but the children who know it better struggle to accept it. That is life and it is the cause of most parent-child arguments and problems.

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This is majorly as a result of so many defining factor for example the 21st century new age and the children born into it have very different structural capacity which they base their values, beliefs , way of life , culture, norms, thinking faculty and so many other anatomy that is related to the human being, this is totally different from the parents which must have been born in a different generation which totally cultivate different attitudes and habits, Moral values as well.

Most times parents are very assertive this is majorly because of the way they were brought up too, in the areas like the 1980s we have people who were willing to become respectable doctors, lawyers and even engineers but this days people want to become disc jockeys , musician , gangsters , footballers and so many other things that the parents may consider contrary to the kind of life they want for their children, these days they are nothing like respectable jobs or life any longer unlike in the era of parents the society we currently live in has shaped the mindset of the children of this current generation due to the fact that the mindset of parents has already been set by the previous generation which they lived in then there will be a clash of mindset and concepts between parents and their children.

The truth is that the world is changing and with every changes that is made the current change will actually disagree with the previous setting that is why when you look around nobody actually uses phones like nokia any longer this is because there is a current trend of change and youths of these days are blending into futuristic change and adapting to the way of life of the future when you look carefully you will see that everything the parents do are different from that of their children from their choice of music to their style of dressing or even their pattern of speaking everything really differs from their parents all these are constant disagreement and will continue being altercations of ideas and belief hence the difference in opinion and belief between parents and their children


The differences in time, age, beliefs, attitudes, mindset and influence of peer groups causes rift between children and parents. 

The difference in ages is the main factor which causes a deviation. Parents of teenage and youth are naturally well into their middle age and would have become matured and wiser. They would have much more experience and would not want their children to commit the same mistakes as they had once did but when they start advising the children, the kids think that the parents are old fashioned and do not understand the modern way of living and do not want the kids to have fun and so on. This paves the way to arguments and fights. 

The parents and the children can avoid this by trying to understand each other and giving responsible freedom. The children will learn to get up even if they fall, so the parents should not try to be control freaks. 

Friends can influence youth like no other. The new found freedom and vitality of youth makes children a little carefree and they do not often listen to what their parents have to say. This causes a difference of opinion and the rift begins. 

Children and youth are influenced by the time, age and present scenario and so, their opinions would be different from their parents who grew up decades before they were born. This is a major reason for differences. 

Both parents and children must realize is that life is not a competitive examination. Family is not a place where one should exhibit stubbornness, abusive behavior, anger, jealousy, hate and ego. 

Love and unselfishness is the way to joy and happiness and not possessiveness. 


Everyone is a distinct individual and accumulates different life experience, 

no matter how long, 

or how short ones life is, 

how similar life they lead, 

their experience will be different.

It is only natural that people with different experience would develop different perspective on things.

I would be suspicious if a person 100% agreed with your opinions 100% of times.

Bitch, I don't always agree with me!

As far as the parents and children goes.

Young people, obviously, very limited experience, tend to base their perspective on ideals rather than experience.

While parents, they actually lived their lives, and personally experienced what did and what did not work for them and people around them.

Parents, obviously, being in position of power and authority over their children, 

when holding opposite values to those idealized by their children, will face opposition from them.

Adults know, that you don't get to get in the face of your boss if you want to keep the job.

Children don't know that yet, and most parents love their children too much to just kick them out over some trivial bullshit.

And thus, the battle between generations continues.


I often get between children and parents that different beliefs and opinions from couples of different religions.  Therefore it can be said that the main cause is family (mother and father have different beliefs).

It cannot be denied, interfaith marriages have often happened in my country, Indonesia. However, some families have difficulty when their beloved child has to determine his beliefs, and differences of opinion often occur between children and parents.

In this case, it requires an adult attitude, wisdom, and calmness of the parents so that the child is not convinced of his religious status. On the other hand, couples must know this when deciding to get married.