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How Would Rate The General Quality Of Life Between Now And A Century Ago : Why?

The quality of life has greatly improved from the 20th century and the life expectancy has also gone up. This can be attributed to the developmental strides mankind has recorded from then till now.

In the 20th century, even the developed nations of the world still struggled with basic necessities of life then. Poverty was wide spread, child labor was common place and most of the countries of the world were still building.

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A century ago, the industrial revolution was just starting, oil exploration was just kicking off by the hand of Rockefeller , steel production by Carnegie  to name a few. Life was basically crude in most of the countries we call developed now. Not to talk of in other parts of the world. The standard of living was very low, so was life expectancy.

That era was plagued by workers strike, diseases and death. It was also an era that saw the world dragged into two deadly battles with cost millions of lives further compounding the suffering of people during this time.

Fast forward to today, things have changed dramatically as a result of the explosion of technology after the industrial revolution. We must also credit the pace of our development to the first and second world wars. The wars forced nations to come up with better design to machines. It forced them to innovate and develop their science. The wars have also made nations work together to further prevent such conflict.

Today we have cars that are nothing like people of old would have imagined. Planes were just in development in the 1900s, so the world was not as interconnected as it is today. As of today there are thousands of flights moving millions of people everyday. Oil and steel production has been mastered and many countries are now exploring. Cars are faster, buildings taller.

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Not to talk of how the internet has revolutionized communication and inter-connectivity.  Any information you want is right at your finger tip, you could talk in real time to someone half way around the world. 

Then came cryptocurrency, Steemit and Musing :). Further changing the way people see community and social interactions in amazing ways. Its indeed an amazing world right now, and we've come a long way. 


Well first things first let me start by saying that we live in the most peaceful era mankind has ever experienced so our quality of life is already better than it was back then. Despite the fact that we're currently experiencing the war on terror all around the world, the casualties from this war pale in comparison to those of the first and second world war.

I believe that the quality of life has actually improved, considering the fact that there are more young millionaires springing up everyday, it just goes to show that it's become easier to make money now than it was in the past. The world has become a global village and as such it's much easier for information to go round, knowledge and skills which would have required people to do alot to acquire can be gotten simply by going on the internet, there's no doubt in my mind that the quality of life is better than it was 100years ago.

Yes poverty still exists all around the world but I think to an extent it's not as bad as it was before, more people now have the tools to lift themselves out of poverty and that's exactly what people are doing. They say the world is moving towards a more specialised tomorrow, but the truth is that a degree isn't needed to make it in life now, lots of billionaires never graduated from school and alot of the millionaires that are emerging now either didn't go to college or hadn't even graduated from college when they became rich.

The world has changes so much in the last 100 years and so has the quality of life. There are still people in abject poverty and there are still people who are unbelievably rich. The difference between then and now is that just about anyone can become rich these days. It's not something that's limited to a particular group or class of people. If the possibility of becoming wealthy or at least financially stable is now open to just about anyone then I don't know how else to explain that the quality of life has improved in the last 100years.

I hope this helps.


I'd say that the general quality of life must have gone up considerably almost everywhere. 100 years ago, European colonial empires were collapsing and the Belle Epoque (1890-1914) had come to a tragic end when European great powers had been drawn into a devastating great war the kind the world hadn't seen for a very long time. The disaster was repeated a couple of decades later. But after that, with the colonial empires and conventional imperialism gone and the world divided into the socialist and the capitalist camps, the capitalists got started co-operating instead of fighting with one another and an unforeseen period of peace and progress followed. The post-WW II period has been remarkably peaceful. None of the advanced industrial countries have warred with one another and the Cold War remained cold until the end. It think it's clear that even with looming threats like climate change, the life quality the world enjoys now is superior to what we had a century ago mainly thanks to the increasing eradication of extreme poverty.


I am convinced that I have a better quality of life than I would have had 100 years ago. People have a longer life expectancy ( I know that differs greatly depending on where you live, so I can speak only for the part of the world I live in), more quality of life, more education opportunities, better health care, due to advances in the medical sector, more rights as a citizen, better and advanced technologies, to name just a few.


I will say quality of life is quite outstanding than what we had a century ago. This is on a personal level of opinion. Technology and development nowadays has brought about an outburst in the quality of life in sectors like health, public transport, economic boosts, education etc.

Plus, from history, we know all about the wars that claimed so many lives in old era. There were no peace organizations like we have today that stood for peace across the globe. Today, we have the UN and other organizations of its sort that are doing a great job in maintaining peace across the globe.

Health has improved greatly through modern day research and organizations like the world health organization who are working very hard to control the spread of diseases, manage diseases etc has umproved health in a significant way.

So, in most sectors, the quality of life in this era can receive a rating of 4 on 5 for me, while the quality of life a century ago can receive a 3.