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Is the Study of History as a Subject still Necessary in Colleges: Why?

The study of history as a subject in colleges is still necessary as at today.  It's not only necessary, it is essential,  sacrosanct, important and expedient that it's taught in schools. 

In ancient times before the widespread of civilization and before the advent of formal schools,  there was the existence  of informal education which is practically gotten from the family. This education is one of the functions of the family as the chief agents of socialization  and it specializes in passing  down the history of the society and the family from generations  to generations  through folktales,  folklores,  myths and legends,  that way every member of the family including the Children are taught the history of the family,  the society,  their traditions,  culture,  language and their occupations and they in turn  take the job of passing it down to the next generation. This simply shows that as way back as the medieval era and ancient times, they understood the importance of history being taught to their kids. 

Winston Church hill  and George Santayana  says Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." . This quite simply shed light on the importance of learning  history. Teaching history in colleges is letting the kids know their identity, the struggles of their past heroes,  the mistakes of their past, the achievements of their country,  the culture,  tradition and language of their people so as to be able to not just understand and make well informed decisions in the future but also to understand themselves just like as Robert Penn Warren says  "History cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future." 

Therefore,  it is still very much necessary for history  to be taught as a subject in colleges so that kids can know about their origin and identity since parents are now too busy to perform the chiefly function of passing history for generations to generations through the traditional means.  


"Yes" definitely I think the study of history is still very important in school and colleges and one of the reason why I think so is because history serves as a preamble and a prerequisite in so many matters and situation of nowadays whether it is government, tactics, military or decision making that is why when you look at countries like the united states whenever they want to take decisions that may seem absurd to people the evening relate their actions to the fact that it has been done in the past either in the judiciary in presidential decisions and as a result of this day have an underlying factor to show that their actions have been done or carried out in the past.

So the study of history would be very essential in sectors like politics, economic sector, military and other sectors too that is why when countries want to make adjustments to their constitution they don't just make an adjustment based on their assumptions they always want to make adjustment and corruptions based on laws and bills that have been successful in the past so if there wasn't history it will be difficult for people to know the kind of system of government that was successful and the one that was totally failure, for example democracy was already practiced in the past by the greek and the modern democracy will not study now is a preamble of the one we saw in ancient greece.

So the thing is that it is more essential and important when it comes to politics and government sometimes it can also be very essential when it comes to medicine for example in the past malaria wasn't essentially and efficiently treatable by just quinine and that is why these days we have things like lumefantrine which is more effective in treating malaria so if quinine hasn't been historically proven less effective then I think lumefantrine wouldn't have been discovered. So history is always used as a road map or yardstick in measuring success or failure in the past and actually to determine which decisions can actually bring dividends or failure in this current period of time so history is very important