Do you approve of inter racial Marriage? How Common is it in your Community?

Inter racial marriage may seems some thing odd to half of the globe. But it is very common in Asia and Africa. As I am from South Asia I have seen many cultures related to it. 

Inter racial marriage happens because, they thought it would protect their race and expand their race. Sometimes they even force the bride or groom to do so. From my opinion it may serve the people of the race but if it does not fit in certain cases, then no force should take place. 

As the world social pattern is changing, so must have to cope with it. There is no other way. The people who support it strongly may have some certain believe, but if they chose the path to hurt others, it would not get my appreciation.

So the answer of your question would be, I would approve it, if it does not hurt anyone rather create peace in between community. But would not support it if it chose the path of forcing. 

As it is still very common in my society, so I have seen many positive and negative sides of it. We have to have more empathy and respect to each other to run such culture.


Well I'm African so interracial marriage is one of the things you just don't see every day and sadly, it's not exactly welcomed in some parts of Africa. I mean I live in Nigeria where some tribes in Nigeria would rather die than have their bloodlines mix so ho much so the bloodlines of two races.

Well I'd like to think that I'm amongst the more enlightened people of Africa and as such I don't really have a problem with it. The thing is that depending on the race, African traditions may not be received very well. For example, in Africa, the woman's place is in the kitchen, although I don't agree with this, it's almost non-negotiable for most African men and marrying a Caucasian woman who often believe in female liberation might be problematic.

I think if two people love each other then culture and race shouldn't have anything to do with how they live and love each other because it's not culture that's going to walk down the isle or say I do, it's the two people involved so I'm all for interracial marriage. Let's all make nice asian-chocolate/vanilla skinned-caucasian-samoan babies who have no defined attachment to any race.

If you ask me, interracial encouraging interracial marriages is probably the best way to combat racism because if there's no definitive race and we're all a complete mix of every race then there'll be no such thing as racism. As far as how common it is in my community, I'd say not very common, but my dad's brother and his mom's brother both married Caucasians so it kind of runs in the family.

I hope this helps.


Marriage is the legal representation of two people who want to stay together for the foreseeable future, if not for the rest of their lives. I think when two people have dated each other for a long time, and understand each others strengths and weaknesses, key personality traits, then they will look beyond race, religion, nationality etc to get married. And I think that is great because they are connecting at a psychological level, and are not concerned about differences created by social customs and traditions, that have very little to do with their lives. 

In certain countries, where parents or family get involved to choose partners, there cultural and social backgrounds, religion etc matters, because their one is going to get a surprise in terms of the partner's personality, which will be heavily influenced by the background he/she grew up in. There race may be a factor. However, ideally, education should help people transcend all these factors, but then that is ideal, not practically observed, it think. 


It is very common in my country for inter racial marriage. I approve of it if it were the people in my country. I think love knows no boundaries. If the two people involve love each other so much, why should I stop them from getting married. 

Interracial marriage is however not easy to integrate in the early stages of the relationship and it takes a certain kind of love to be able to sacrifice in the relationship. Definitely the first thing is that , there is a differences between either culture or religion. The religious part is the toughest to integrate. 

my country is a multi racial country and there are Muslims, Buddhist and christian living side by side. The races for these are different too. There are the Chinese, Indians, Malays, Ibans and many more. It is common for any inter racial marriage here. The benefits of these marriages is the creation of new cultures and even a different mix of races in the next generation and it is really hard to tell sometimes whose actually a Muslim or even a christian or Buddhist in Malaysia.

I have a friend who is of the same race as his ex-girl friend but because of the different believes of the same religion, they split. It was pretty sad. For me, I am pretty minded. I don't really think I should judge people or disapproved of anyone and especially who they love. Everyone has the right to love someone of their own choice. 


I don't see anything wrong with interracial marriage. It's just the society is creating a wall that's why there are negative comments regarding it. Some people just have the feeling of superiority with regards to race, thinking they're better than the other. It's just a discriminating action.

When it comes to love, it shouldn't be about the color, status, and where you came from. It's about two humans beating as one. In fact, I am actually happy seeing people from the different races and were tied to be together.

In our country, interracial marriage is very common. There's nothing wrong with it as long as they love each other.


I do not have any problem with it as long as there is love, I mean, it is not forced.

Interracial marriage is very common in the Philippines even before. That is why a lot of Filipinos were mixed races already.

I personally knew some who were married to foreigners. Race is not an issue when it comes to love. Just like the saying "all are equal in love and war".

Even in our family, there were interracial marriages. Our grandmother in my mother's side told us that his grandfather is pure Spanish while her grandmother is pure Filipino.


I approve of interracial marriage, because we are all humans. Two sensible adults decided to marry, regardless of their tribe, race or nation. They chose to love themselves as they are. They put aside their differences and chose to spend their lives together.

They would obviously need to learn about their different cultures, so they can be able to understand themselves better. But in all, as long as they both love each other and chose to get married, its all good.

It is common in my corner of the world, i have relations that are married to foreigners. 


I am not against it, inasmuch as it is the will of God. After all I have seen several people marrying from the same village,community,state, country etc but it is not just walking out.


Yes, I approve, it seems to me the most natural, race or cultural differences should not be a barrier to choice of partner.

In my country there is a great racial diversity and in most cases couples belong to different races, in addition to this there is a lot of religious diversity and that does not affect marital unions.