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AreThe Rich People Actually More Intelligent That The Relative Poor: If Not ,Why?

Being rich isn't all about intelligence, it's all about one's mindset. Only one's mindset can determine if he or she will be rich or not and not a correlation of intelligence. I have seen many intelligent people poor and illiterate people rich. In fact from study the richest people in our world are either one who did not complete their high school or did not go to one at all. This implies that being rich isn't inclined to intelligence.

So what mindset actually differentiate rich people from the poor people.

1.The poor believe in luck and blame situation, politics and people for their failure while the rich believe in hardluck and takes 100% responsibility of the outcome of their life.

2.The poor avoid risk and uses past failure as a constrain while the rich take risk and develop themselves daily in life.

3.the rich are discipline on finance and management while the poor are reckless on finance and are very poor with management.

4.The rich set goals and pursue it. While the poor though set goals but doesn't make any plans to pursue it etc.


I don't believe IQ is a predictor of how rich or poor a person will become. There's a lot more to it and has mostly been linked to where/when a person was born - the Socio-economic environments. 

But, it has been proven that poverty leads to so much stress that it affects brain functions - which practically means poorer people can use less of their intelligence. They act on 'lower IQ' than they actually have. 

Also, low income and poor socio-economic circumstances often are linked to more alcohol drinking and less healthy eating, which in turn can cause brain infarcts which leads to loss in brain functions. 


The amount of money you have, is not a measure of how intelligent you are. Most people believe, people who graduate with a first class degree, end up working for those who got 2nd, 3rd class degrees in the university.

In life different things can affect our status, people end up poor for several reasons.

Some people did not have the same privilege, that others had. Their society, was not favourable to them and they couldn't make it big. Some rich people, got their wealth from parents, illegally, and other sources.

Most rich people had to take risks, to get where they are. They were not scared of outcomes, and chose to put something out there. They worked hard to make it. If you have a brilliant idea, and sit in your butt doing nothing, you will end up being poor.


Being rich does not have correlation with intelligence, however, riches aid one to making smart and accurate decisions.

A rich person as many things at his disposal which serves as an added advantage for him to be More intelligent. When you are rich, you have access to materials or people that can add knowledge to you, your pattern of thinking is alleviated above mediocre.

If you are rich, you travel without minding the expenses and travelling exposes you to new ideas and knowledge.

The poor always think within their means, which is to say a hungry man's thought is within his stomach, poverty kills the creativity and intelligence that is needed for better thinking.

I thinks these are some of the reasons why they say the rich are more intelligent than the poor.


I think yes they are intelligent, coz it is easy to be rich. The question is how long can you keep it and it grow. they study the market and where to invest their money to grow more.


Not really but the question does raise some worthwhile attention. Being well off enables a person to be in social position for more opportunities to grow and develop in society unlike their relatively poor counterparts. Think about a rich kid being able to afford education from a prestigious school with state of the art education materials versus a kid that went to a public school with less. Of course not all the time do rich kids become more intelligent over their poor counter parts due to this advantage BUT the advantages for the privileged are fairly laid out for them over the relative poor kids. Rich people will have that technological advantage and being the first to acquire information and that makes a lot of difference in knowledge distribution. 


i would say not all rich are intelligent , the same as not all poor are not intelligent/ intelligent . There are rich people who became rich since birth. Like those who just inherit their money and properties. But of course there are lots of successful and rich now who actually started from scratch and just used their intelligence and determination to be rich


@Alaisguineasis, In my opinion all this Richness is illusion in most of the cases, richness is passovered from generations to generations. And if we see, in this world we own nothing and ultimately everything is hold by the nature and in my opinion one day it will take back. And there is no relation between intelligence, poor and richness. The whole world can live happily but some never wants that because in my opinion they love to dominate and all these division is the outcome of false domination.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


VERY thoughtful Question.

First i want to say being rich and poor is not prove how much one person intelligent.

Yeah we know in our society or in many countries have many difference between rich and poor people.But many poor people also so intelligent but because of ther poor situation they need to sacrifice their talent sometimes. We can in many poor house one bright children who have a really special something. Sometimes there talent hardly they explore their talent And sometimes Because of their families low income.they cant do anything. Their dream died one day but they cant do anything. They want to do but they ae helpless they cant.We can see that's type problem.in many poor families that's so cruel.Also we can see some rich families who always try to insult poor people.All rich persone are not same.But some bad and evil rich always do something bad with poor people.Some times their children not so talent but they try to do this everything for their silly children.Example about many Admission times. we can see some bad rich buy public university seat for their children with huge amount.In other site who read day and ight poor people children he cant get admit for these rich people who buy seat for their son.

Its practical example we can see but I will never say all are same.Many rich people also good. They are intelligent also.But we need to keep it in mind all rich people didnt make richh in one day.some are struggle lot also then he become rich.God make us and sent also with everything.We just need to use everything properly for success.So Being rich is not prove intelligent. Iintelligent make from by people good nature and mentality.

Thank you so much..