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How Can Account Recover His Many 0.01 Value Upvotes ?
I Have been getting many of these dust Upvotes lately

SteemIt wipes away small votes as dust. This dust problem is one of the biggest frustration of new users. I suspect that SteemIt  has lost several thousand users because of this frustration.

The dust does not add up to a lot. My 100% upvote is worth less than a tenth of a penny.  A hundred upvotes from me is only worth a dime.

I have several hundred posts that  had votes that were wiped away as dust. It makes me angry, but the amount of money I lost was under a dollar.

Still, I hate this problem.

The first way to avoid the problem is to buy enough STEEM POWER so that your upvote is worth over $0.02. This is usually about $400 USD of STEEM POWER. Right now the algorithm is messed up because of the low value of SBD and the cutoff is lower.

If your upvote is worth over two cents; you can then self-vote on any post with less than $0.02 in SP and get the reward.

The second best way to handle the problem is to hire @dustsweeper or @dustbunny. 

You can hire these bots by transferring SBD or STEEM to their accounts.

Both @dustbunny and @dustsweeper are having problems right now because of the low price of STEEM. The bots are working overtime and can only vote about  once a day per account.

Users, like me, who are in the plankton need to understand that their upvotes are worth less than a tenth of penny. 

Because I know my votes are likely to get washed away as dust, I avoid upvoting comments and only upvote root comments. When I want to thank a person for leaving a comment, I go to their blog and upvote root posts that already have upvotes ... increasing the likelihood that the recipient gets the reward.


1. Grow your Steem power. As you grow your Steem power, you will worry about this less. Try to convert as much of your posts rewards as you can into Steem power. You can also invest your funds (Steem is pretty low right now so this is a good opportunity)

2. Use @dustsweeper. It's a service that upvotes your comments that have less than 0.2. It's works pretty okay. You only need to have a deposit. It's like buying upvotes but only for your comments with very little upvotes. If you don't have any upvote on your comment, they won't upvote it. Same for when the upvote on your post is more than 0.2 or you're the only one who upvoted your comment

3. Be shrewd. You don't always have to upvote every comment. I believe you should upvote every post you like regardless of your upvote value. It's always appreciated. For comments, however, use your discretion. Sometimes expressing your feelings in words could be better and save your upvote


The easiest way is to transfer some funds using your wallet to @dustsweeper. It is a bot that works for you gathering all your dust votes and making them into payable votes. You don't lose the money you transfer as it is used to top the votes up that are worthless.

I have used it for ages and it is surprising how many votes would have been lost if I hadn't of used this.

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I suggest sending money to a service called @dustsweeper and they will upvote some of them out of the dust range. Not all but some. Look into it on steemit and see if it is right for you.