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What Would You Suggest @ned Do To Enable Rapid Sign Up Into Steemit.com Post SMT?

Ned is the founder of  steemit.com and also the ceo however he doesn't share the 100% stake hold on steemit.com the witnesses will also decided because some of them have very large stakeholdels, however there is no need for more rapid sign-ups on steemit.com post  SMT because the fact still remains that for someone to be on steemit.com the hard fork rules will definitely be applied and that is you need some certain amount of steem power in order to make engagements and fully utilize the platform.

unless a second hard fork comes in place to disrupt this current one I don't think the number of people who sign up on steemit.com will increase and this is the only thing that can solve the problems of more signups on the platform, ned doesn't make these decisions alone and I'm sure that current hard fork was even put in place for the betterment of the SMT that is coming.

So it is definitely going to be impossible to fast track quicker sign ups on steemit.com because of the current application of the hard fork and because the original purpose of this hard fuck was for the smt I don't think any changes will be made in order to make for quicker signups , and in my opinion and with all sincerity I do think that people should however develop a mindset of investing the platform is there going to be here so that when the smt finally comes then the possibility of a better blockchain they can make profit with the endless possibilities that the smt will bring.

steemit.com doesn't need more signups in fact one of the reason why this hard fork was put in place was to create better kind of people on the blockchain who are ready to maximize the many possibilities that the smt will bring and make steemit.com a better place so post smt doesn't need a lot of people to sign up for the right kind of people because trust me the smt will bring a lot of possibilities and prospects