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Do you give up about a target easily; why are you seldom tenacious?

No. I don't easily give up on target easily. If I am not able to get a target or what I am aiming about or ahead, I try to restrategize and see another method I can use to achieve or get what I am aiming at or let me say my target like you said.

Actually when I am aiming on something and I am not able to get it. To give up is not the best option for me to consider. Actually success does not come easily and it sometimes comes with failure. So I need to understand and accept that. I believe more, I become more determined and never to lose hope.

I continue pursuing my target and I achieve it.



One thing I don't do is give up. I am similar to a dog with a bone these days. The harder the task the harder I work.

I think the new generation has had things to easy and don't understand what hard work is. They have been given everything to them by their parents and have no idea what hardships are. Giving up is something I see every day with little effort shown.

There has to come a point in someones life that they have to change their mentality and fight for something. I would like to see more dedication and at least effort shown in people trying to complete tasks. If someone is trying they are more likely to be given assistance and maybe they will understand what it takes to complete something.

If we look at Steem as an example it makes sense why so many people just give up. The retention levels are dismal and I admit it is hard but we are all still here. Understanding what it takes and not being scared of hard work is a key component to succeeding.