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What Is Your Opinion About Inter - Racial Marriage and Relationship?

I am not pro nhore against them. I consider that the attraction and love between a man and a woman has absolutely no boundaries such as age, skin color or nationality. As long as the two involved in an interracial relationship are happy and they love each other and are also an example of such qualities I don't see any problem. The ones having problems with such relationships are closed minded person in my opinion and are living on old ways of thinking and misconceptions. I have seen quite a few couples that were made from men and women who have different nationalities and races and were perfect together. Even on Steemit there is a couple of a Japanese woman and a European guy that seem to love each other much and have a happy relationship. I will not tag them or mention their names as I don't find that appropriate but they are a good example. Where love is anything is possible so why should we stumble on the differences between skin colors, race, political and religious views and so on. A happy couple doesn't have to have the same color. Love is way beyond such differences and concepts. It hits you when you least expect it and it's able to change you entirely. 


I don't see any problem with inter-racial marriage or relationships at all. If two people are in love, no matter what their races are, I think they have the right to get married and start a family if they want to.

Color, race, height, and other things they do not play much of importance as long as both people are happy to be together and they can work out their relationship pretty well. I know there may be some individual differences because of the culture and how each of them were raised but one thing's for sure, if they can work it out and stay happy then who are we to judge? 

Also I think, no one should dictate who you should love because loving should be your choice, may it be a person of similar race or not. A little side note, I also find it cool that if you are married to someone who has a different race than yours, then there is so much to learn. I find it interesting that both of you could share awesome things about your culture and you can learn from one another.


I agree with @acesontop, and can i just add how gorgeous the offsprings always are?

Inter racial couples always make the cutest babies.