When A Partical Whale Comment On And Upvote On Account Repeatedly; Will It Affect The Accounts Reputation?

I'm not very sure about what a Whale's comment will do to your reputation but I'm a witness to what a whale's upvote does.

When my reputation was 41.7, I did a post that got me a 100% upvote from @infovore and my reputation shot up to 43.1.

I was astonished and elated of course because the vote worth about $2.5 right there.

Also there's another whale @chbartist who's posts I always enjoy and follow because of the quality of his content, I think you should follow him too. I comment constructively and he regularly upvotes meaningful comments. It also helps my reputation grow rather quickly.

After just one month plus on Steemit, my reputation is at 45.

Interacting with Whales on a regular basis will definitely help with your reputation.


The comment won't help your score but the vote will. Engaging with whales is good and you should try and get a follow from them. That would enhance your reputation on the ua score.

The bigger the value of votes the more your reputation will grow.


I don't think the comments would do anything

But the upvote.... That's everything

Repeated upvote from a whale would greatly boost your reputation score, especially when the whale's reputation score is a lot higher than yours