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Why Do Most Ladies Reduce Or Lie About Their Ages?

Ladies lie about their age so that they will be seen as fresh and young. Men tend to go for younger ladies most of the time, this makes most ladies to always bring down their age so that they can still be viewed as sweet sixteen in the dating world. The older a lady is, the lesser the interest on her. They do it to have more admirers


Women can hide their age for many reasons, but almost all of them have to do with the way they look at each other and the way they fear being seen. It is no secret to anyone that we live in a society where youth is privileged in the face of maturity, a young person will have a better chance of success compared to an older person. Hence, many women tend to change their age for fear of being rejected or not taken into account. For example, a single woman knows that as she gets older she is less likely to get a partner, to get pregnant, even to get a job. However, when a woman hides her age, she is a self-confident person with self-esteem problems. Many women now base their existence on the physical, on external beauty, which leads them to be on extreme diets, use cream that retards wrinkles, dyes, surgeries and anything that makes her look younger and fresher. And when the wrinkles can no longer be hidden? When you say a false age, the bones and skin give you away.

I know that some women take away their age for vanity, for resorting to a way of delaying time; but we all know that's impossible! The idea is to mature with pride, to give value to years, to feel that the acquired experience, the wrinkles in the face are trophies that life gives you every year. There is nothing sadder and uglier to find those women playing to return to being girls knowing that the youth is gone! A woman who takes off her age is like a military man who is downgraded: after he has advanced so much, I don't think he wants to start again! There is a song that says: don't take years from your life, put life into years, it's better!



Recently I had a chat with a lady who told me in their tradition, girls doesn't tell out their age, it was shocking hearing this for the first time. This could indirectly be related to why most girls doesn't tell out their real age maybe to avoid being look-down upon or consider to be older.

If there is possibly any reason why girls lie, then it's directed to "self ego" , they wouldn't want their ego to be abused ,so they prefer to lie just to maintain a status they believe will earn them respect or admiration.

Sometime they lie to maintain a relationship they think will be at risk if their real age is reveal. Just in the fear of loosing someone they have got attached to, they maintain a lifestyle that is untrue and hope it help save her relationship.

Finally, women lie about their age when they feel it's insecure to let out details about themselves. Usually they feel threatened about the outcome of telling the truth and they decide to lie to maintain safety.