Why Do You Still Invest In Cryptos despite bearish market , leading to looses recently?

Is cryptocurrency a volatile market? Yes it is.

Is the market low now? Very low.

Am I still looking for more coins to buy despite the low prices?

Yes I am and I will.

Have you not heard of the rule of wall street?


As the market is low now, there are brighter days.

Bitcoin started with 11$ or so. Now look where it's at.

Cryptocurrency is the future and that future is now. The best time to really buy is now. When the market is real low. So that when the price boomerangs, you're making alot of gains.

A case scenario is the ETH. It is 128$ the last I checked this morning. And I remember when it was 500$. This market will definitely boomerang. When the BULL RUN begins, you going to be grateful you purchased this valueless coins. The best time to buy is when the coin is low. Buy your bitcoin, eth, ripple, steem, nobs and other coins you can lay your hands on for a brighter and better 2019 FINANCIALLY.

Happy Christmas And A happy new year in advance.


I believe strongly in the cryptos market and i still believe in its future,yeah the cryptos is recently in a bearish trend but i know the cryptos will still become bullish someday,i know that investing

on speculations or assumptions that a cryptocurrency will still grow sounds very risky but common life itself is risk....every investments have risks involved in it though different kinds of

investments have various degrees of risks in it..but as an investor i am aware of that and i am ready to confront the risks....no guts no glory....merry christmas to you all.....