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Do you think that the blockchain technology is overhyped ?

Yes, it is overhyped, in term of the monetary approach. But no, it has a  huge potential in term of technology .


At the time, yes. All tech goes through the same kind of cycle where first nobody knows about it, then it's discovered and the hype builds up, after which it is discovered that the tech did not live up to the hype, followed by disappointment. Finally, real-world applications start cropping up which is when the valuations find a healthy level corresponding to actual value. I don't believe the blockchain to be any different. There will be a point when its value will be based on its actual use. 

I think the blockchain will be found indispensable where the possibility of fraud is a serious problem. Its traceability and immutability will find their applications in the future. 


No the blockchain technology is not overhypef

I totally believe that the blockchain is actually one of these unique really innovative algorithms. I do not think that i am

sure i would want to call it an algorithm. I believe that blockchain is actually more than an algorithm. I believe that blockchain is actually an invention which could also

be on the same actual level of the invention of the automobile. It is a great innovation that will deeply change our lives. There will actually be different brands of

blockchain, same way there are different brands of automobile. I believe that in the next fifteen years blockchains will be quietly at work thereby providing the foundations of an unadulterable journals and registers.

Blockchain might not be popular to the public as cars are. However it is also not verybody that actually knows how the car engines really work, either.

I believe blockchain itself is not overhyped but what could be overhyped are actually the diverse applications of Blockchain.