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How people succeed to get lots of referrals?

getting referalls in maybe a programme or q business is one of the most difficult thing to do people hardly want to sign up for referall programmes if there is nothing in it for them and that's why as a person who is hoping to get a lot of people on a referral scheme must take time to monetize the incentive of the referall, it all boils down on the monetary effect and most people who have a lot of referral either built it organically or inorganically in other to make people sign up for your referral programme.

For example if you want people on the steemit blockchain to sign up for a particular program maybe let's say a programm that may earn you prospective gain in the future maybe WEKU for example you will need to offer people like 0.2 steem or SBD and when you have like 20sbd you can get like hundred people to sign up on your referall programme.

Another way is crowdsourcing the gain and advantage of your referal program on places like twitter and instagram really, this one is definitely organic and does not require money but a mass number of followership on social media and tagging people so that they can share and increase the viewership but you have to make sure that reason for your referral will benefit the referee as well.

You can also use crowdsourcing websites like microworkers.com this is also involving money, but on this websites for as much as 20$ you can get 500 people on your referral program bey offering them jobs on the website and rewarding them as well, the truth is mostly these referalls are inorganic and are being paid for, and that's how people amass a large number of referrals.


They need to build a good reputation first and be engaged with other people before they could promote their referral link. Everyone knows referrals earn the referrer some money. People don't want to be convinced while feeling used at the same time. 

If you want to earn from your referrals, make sure you're being aware about shutting out expressions that convey you are only talking to the person because you just need something from them. People can sense being used. Be genuine when approaching people and be interested about other people first, that way, even if you're not promoting anything, other people would just take interest about you and ask.