Why some countries embrace blockchain ?

Blockchain is the future. The blockchain will do to the world what Internet did to us many years back. Many countries have seen the future and are strategically embracing it so they do not miss out years to come.  There are numerous innovation springing up from the Blockchain technology and it is important that countries embrace it now, while they can. Blockchain offers simplicity, transparency and a unique sharing system. These countries have predicted that, they wouldn't be able to do without the Blockchain in few years to come and so they embrace and take advantage while they can.



Blockchain is a quite magnificent innovation and new to numerous also, the nations that know its potential are setting up their framework to suit this innovation to improve their development rate.

The individuals who don't comprehend it fear it as they don't consider it to be an innovation however as a digital money, they befuddle the innovation behind bitcoins as bitcoins itself.

The most critical thing about blockchain is the transperency it gives. This will enable monitor fraudlant of any sort.

India is making moves to bring this innovation into its saving money area. I trust our pioneers find a way to get controls terms of utilizing blockchain innovation.