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Which cryptocurrency would you use for online shopping anonymous or pseudonymous?

 The crypto currency that I use to transact now is Litecoin (LTC).

Why did I choose Litecoin?
There are several reasons why I prefer Litecoin to other crypto currencies.

1. Litecoin has a speed that does not need to be doubted.
My experience of using BTC is very bad, because the transaction even requires confirmation for up to 3 days. For ETH it is not so bad, but up to a matter of hours. Whereas LTC only takes a few minutes, and it is instant.

2. Affordable transaction fees
For one transaction, the cost to pay is only around $ 0.05 - max $ 0.5 in my case. No matter how much money will be sent, everything can be done cheaply.

3. Ease of use and support in almost all exchanges
Almost all LTC platforms have a simple but powerful UI. As  a coin that gets the nickname "Silver Bitcoin", Litecoin has received a  huge adoption, and this also guarantees its existence.