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What mistakes should you stay away from if you want to be a good father ?

First of all you must never make the mistake of comparing the peer of your children to them; many parents whose expectations on their children are never met makes the mistakes of comparing other children with their children and this always bring about a distant between them and their father's expecially their fathers, I know a friend who committeed suicide because he could not meet up with life expectation and everything he tries fails, his father made it even more difficult by comparing him to peers of his age mates who were more successfull than he was and in the long run he could not continue taking it, so he ended up committing suicide, in some other cases it may make children resort to crime in a bid to be rich, as a father if your child is not doing well you must take it upon yourself to uplift them rather than slander them.

Never place your job or cateer before your Children; if you want to be a good father you must know that your unbridled attention is always needed by your children, children are full of questions, they're born curious, and they want and crave attention, my first son for example always wants attention and I usually make sure I strictly keep my working hours, I stayed away from extra hours because that will prioritizing my job over my children, when I got home I usually make myself available so that my duty as a father in my children's life will be filled duly.

When you prioritize work and neglecting father duties and think that money is the only thing that will help your children then they will take the wrong steps in life expecially when it comes to their sexual life. Children are prone to mistakes when they're at their adolescent to teenage years and if you as a father isn't there in this period to guide, chastise and direct, them then you've totally raised nuisance and failed in fatherly duties and this will be a big mistake.

Furthermore you mustn't be to distant to your children as a father, you must always learn to listen to them and talk less, always listen to their opinion on subject matters so as to give them your quotas.

As a father you must never make the mistake of treating your wife harshly or beating her in front of your children, sometimes they even beat their wives, this gives  children a wrong impression about their fathers, about marriage and even an apathy towards the opposite sex, and this will be a big failure on the part of you as a father and you must never make this mistake.


In life it is easy to make mistakes and as a parent, more. There are no manuals or instructions that make the role of father easier and without fewer mistakes. What we can say may be useful for some, but not for others. In the case of following some advice, what is asked is that you can be intelligent to see what can serve you and what can not. For example, don't assume the role of friend: a father is a father, not a friend. Even if you want to get closer and you want your child to have confidence in you, you must make him see that you are his father, in whom he can trust and who will always protect him. Make that clear. Friend is friend, father is father. A father will never stop wanting or protecting.

The other has to do with the above: disrespect. Every good relationship demands respect. The son respects the father, but also the father respects the son. 

Devote more time to work or social relationships. Even if work gives you the money to guarantee food, clothing, and shelter for your children, you should find a way to spend more time with them. When the children grow up, they won't remember that you bought them food, but the time they spent with you. 

Don't give them bad examples: if you want your children to be good, be good. If you want them to be good children, show them that you are a good son and a good father. There is nothing gained in this long work and road that you have decided to live: being a father is a rehearsal, so try to do it better every day. 



There are several things a father should stay away from in order for him to be a good role model to his kids. Fathers must not exhibit any form of abusive or violent behaviours in the presence of their kids, fathers must not be seen to engage in harmful lifestyle, father must not be seen to be irresponsible, etc

This is one mistake every father should try to avoid, father should avoid not playing a major role or building a good relationship with their kids. All fathers must strive to play a major part in the lives of their kids by always being there for them. Parenting is all about guiding your kids to be responsible and building a wonderful relationship with them. Fathers that build relationship with their kids, create the most impact in the lives of the kids and such kids hardly forget such fathers

So as a father, try as much as you can to be in the life of your kid and be a very good role model to them. They'll grow to love you the more


The first thing a father needs to understand is that your kid/kids have a mind of their own and thereby would want   make their own decisions,you as a father should not try to force them to always solely live their 

lives based on your own decision but instead what you should do as a father is that you should nurture them and help them to understand what is wrong and what is right and enlighten them,do not be too judgemental and always know that they cannot be perfect and you 

as a father is not perfect too and thereby you should be less judgemental and you should know that your kids might offend you sometimes but you should be able to be emotionally strong enough to still love them without getting hurt,

 you as a father should not ever in any situation make your kids feel less confident or feel belittled or depressed so that is why you need to make yourself to be a very  good friend  with your kids....

You should also be respectful and loving with  people because your attitude will also have reflections on the kind of person your child/children will grow up to be,if you act  disrespectful to people especially around your kids then that could make those kids  to see "being disrespectful" as a way of life.........