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Have you told your friends and relatives about cryptocurrencies?If yes, how did they react?

Oh boy this is a really nice question!!

So I remember when I first heard about cryptocurrencies I was skeptical about it so it's no surprise that when I told my family about it they were skeptical as well.

Let me start with my old man; when I told him about it he basically just concluded that it was a scam and just another thing that can be likened to Ponzi schemes, and so he was completely against it. When I started steemit and he heard me say steem all the time, he thought that because I was studying chemical engineering maybe I'd found a way to commercialise steam. It was funny because he couldn't really figure out what steem was and I was no longer interested in telling him about it.

At a point he started making fun of me about it and although I didn't like it, I didn't care because I was making my money and I completely stopped asking him for anything.

Next up is my aunt; she heard about bitcoin on TV and remembered that my dad said something about me doing some work that requires the use of these bitcoins so she called him right away and told him that she had some coins that have been lying around in her house and maybe one of them could be a "bitcoin". I laughed my ass out when she told me and although I tried to explain it to her, like my father, she didn't understand it at all. I did get a 10,000 naira investment from her though so hopefully BTC would have gone up when she wants to cash out.

My siblings: Well in truth they were the first people I told about it and although my elder brother is still pretty young, he's his father's son so he didn't thing it was anything more than just a scam as well. My elder sister and my younger brother were all for the idea and they got in on it as soon as they could. They're both currently on steemit and I thing they're doing pretty well for themselves.

My friends had different reactions but they all mostly just went with the idea. The ones that didn't invest at least acknowledged it and agreed that it was actually a game changer. Funny thing is that only a few joined steemit and most of them aren't active anymore because they joined when the price of steem and SBD were very high so when it dropped they didn't see any reason to stay.

I hope this helps.


This is really an interesting question. I do this all the time. Whenever I meet my friends or relatives I somehow bring a topic about cryptocurrencies and talk to them about it. Some of my cousins who are developers and are working in IT companies ask me so many questions about Blockchain. I take some time to explain them about what Blockchain is all about. Though I'm not fully familiar with all the technical aspects of blockchain, I explain them as much as I know. 

Their reactions are variable. Some will immediately think that they are complete scam and they will even ask me to stay away from it. Others will show more interest and they gather more information from me. The questions they ask me will be very interesting. It will make me do more reading and exploration. In most of the cases I talk to them a lot about steem blockchain and how it rewards the contents we create. Some of my friends are bloggers who just do it as a passion and not for revenue. I talk to them about steemit and for wordpress users I explain them about Steempress and ask them to start using it. 

Some of my friends and relatives heard me well and they even took one further step to create an account in steemit. Few continued to use them but I had to talk to them every single day to boost their interest towards the platform. In spite of me telling them that this is not about easy money or become a millionaire in just one day, they get frustrated for not getting good returns for their efforts and quit. They lack persistence.  

In my opinion it will take lots of time for people to get out of other platforms like Facebook, twitter, instagram etc and focus on a platform like steem. Even quora users are not very comfortable using musing as an alternative. The main reason is they don't understand this blockchain concept and they are not even ready to learn. 

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As a matter of fact I did.

The few reactions that I got kind of really made me shock by the way.

Few of my friends gave me the look of this gif 


Source: https://gifsme.com/post/157253835677/jason-head-tilt

I do not completely blame them as they have no/little knowledge about it or most of them do not have time to invest in here and some are not that relevant to invest money in here as well.

While this was most of my relatives reactions when I tried to explain things 


Source: giphy

They did not get anything while I was explaining things to them or they did not want to hear it at all. 

While with I was able to meet with some of my friends who had few knowledge on Crypto and they really appreciated giving my time to them and share my thoughts about Crypto and other platforms related to crypto.

One of the most important thing that I learned while in the past few days is that 

"You can not make someone learn unless that person 1st wants to learn".


 This is the  "worst" experience I have ever experienced when I introduced / talked  about crypto currencies (STEEM / SBD) to friends in my village. Honestly,  they are quite clueless and have never believed that the blockchain  STEEM is the best place to socialize, share, while earning income.

When I tried to introduce them, they immediately mocked me, even when I showed evidence of my income. They just accused me of making it up / cheating them. Well, maybe that hasn't been my luck. But  I will collect my SP (STEEM POWER) until it becomes a whale someday,  and will again show evidence that I can make money from crypto  currencies, especially STEEM. 


This question brings back memories, in short I'm feeling nostalgic. I can remember vividly when my brother first told me about cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin and Steem, I felt indifferent I told him at first that I don't have much funds to blindly put t into bitcoin nor do my academics and work give me the luxury of time to be able to write and post on the steem platform but he was hell bent on making me try and I can sày after my first try I became addicted to cryptocurrencies especially the Steem platform because I get to read amazing contents from amazing writers.

When I first introduced my friends particularly to the steem platform, their reactions was not far from mine and in fact I expected it because as humans we are always scared to try new things especially something just growing or still growing like the cryptocurrency market.

My friends gave one excuse after the other, same way I did to my brother but then I decided to convince them to try it at least once especially the steem platform where they have nothing to lose. I pestered them into registering in the Steem platform while we are having a little get together.

A few days passed and my friends called me to tell me that they never knew the platform was a gold mine as they saw amazing and convincing posts that made them changed their orientation on cryptocurrency market. I felt relieved then I started explaining how they can use the platform to earn the Steem Dollar or Steem.

As at today, I'm not as addicted to Steemit as much as my friends who I introduced , their reputation score even exceed mine by few digits and I've read amazing write-ups by them on the Steemit community.

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Only to the younger generation, who is open minded and understands things.

Don't try to explain older people what crypto is, I have made that mistake already :)

Understanding cryptocurrency, crypto market and all that comes with it is not easy. Many people don't believe in it because they are used to banknotes and coins.

I just hope that I can take my dad one day to a store or coffee shop and pay with crypto. Only than will be willing to accept that crypto is real :) I don't blame him, don't get me wrong, he just needs to see it with his own eyes.

Now that Steem is listed on Netcoins, let's hope my dream can come true before it's too late.