What's the cost of creating discounted steem account ?

It's not really a fixed value and changes depending on the number of transactions that are happening on the Steem Blockchain. 

But you can look at Beempy https://beempy.com/resource_costs for a rundown on the cost for an Upvote, Comment (short and long ones), transfer and claiming a discounted account. 

At the moment the cost is  9,339,641,447,325 RC  which is around 4700 effective Steem Power.

As you can see on the graph above, the current "claiming account" cost is now more than double compared from last months. 


The discounted (often referred to as "free accounts") are paid in Resource Credits (RCs), and the cost is fluid, meaning that it will constantly change based on demand. 

The price as of writing this answer is  8.86MM RC, which you would need close to 5,000 SP to be able to keep on your account. You can check the price any time at https://steeminvite.com/.

It's important to keep in mind that you pay when you claim a discounted Steem account, not when you actually use it, so it might be smart to claim them whenever you have the possibility, then save them for when you need it. Otherwise your RC would likely just be "stuck" at 100 %, and thereby wasted. 


Interest in Steemit has made it difficult to open an account here.  Previously it was very easy to open an account. İt was becoming increasingly difficult. There are two ways to open a Steemit account.

1) Free signup (during open 1-2 weeks)

2) Paid signup (instant activate)

The first method is free. No payment is required.  This is the most beautiful and most profitable method.  But sometimes accounts are not activated.  A person can open a single account at a time. An account is allowed at a ip address on a computer or phone. These are important issues to open a free account. 

1)  another computer or phon

2) another e-mail

3) another phone number

There is no rule for paid account.  Click Paid signup section and you can use paid services. 

1) Anonsteem, 2) Blocktrades 3) SteemConnect

These are best in Steemconnect. Cheap from others.  Need to pay 3 steem for account.  Previously paid money was added to the Steem Power section.  Situations changed after HF20. Then you can were withdrawal with power down method. Now the fees paid are burned. Not added to any account. Adding RC instead.