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Can insomnia be cured,or is it something that can only be managed?
In my own personal experience with insomnia, it is pretty severe, and manageable at best. It is likely something you will always have, but there are proactive things you can do to help get a better cycle. Eating a proper diet, possibly trying medication,(which I refuse to do), and natural supplements like melatonin are known to help with sleep irregularity, and insomnia.
Fix a sleeping disorder by handling daytime stress and stresses

For a large number of us, our dozing issue can be followed back to remaining pressure, stress, or outrage from the day that makes it difficult to slow down and rest soundly during the evening. The more terrible we rest around evening time, the more focused, stressed, and furious we progress toward becoming. To break the example:

Get help with pressure administration. On the off chance that the worry of overseeing work, family, or school is keeping you alert during the evening, figuring out how to deal with worry gainfully and to keep up a quiet, uplifting viewpoint can help you to rest better during the evening.

Talk over your stresses with a companion or adored one amid the day. Talking up close and personal with somebody who thinks about you is an outstanding amongst other approaches to ease pressure and put a conclusion to sleep time stressing. The individual you converse with doesn't should have the capacity to settle your issues, however simply should be a mindful, nonjudgmental audience.

Get enough exercise. Consistent exercise soothes worry as well as enhances the side effects of a sleeping disorder, expands the measure of time you spend in the profound, remedial phases of rest, and causes you to feel less languid amid the day. To expand rest benefits, endeavor to practice overwhelmingly for 30 minutes on most days—however not very near sleep time.

Watch what you eat and drink. Caffeine can cause rest issues 10 to 12 hours subsequent to drinking it and your eating routine can likewise assume a part in how well you rest. A few people locate that decreasing sugary sustenance and drinks and refined starches amid the day makes it simpler to rest around evening time.