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Why you joined Steemit.com?
I first read about Steemit in a Cointelegraph article about Steemfest Amsterdam. One thing you should know about me is that im as broke as can be and probably still am now. And is the type of guy you'd know who would have googled "How to make money on the internet" when i was 15. I've been closely following crypto news and join groups as early as late 2013, being a kid at the time. Faucets was something i absolutely ABUSED as much as humanly possible. Thinking back about i regretted to not learn how to code otherwise things might end up so different for me.

You can imagine my excitement to the idea that one can post stuff and earn cryptocurrency while at it...

I would have joined Steemit in December 2016 had it been not a simple front end error on Steemit sign up procedure and my cluelessness on how to mine an account back in the day. It was that reason that i gave up on the idea at the time before trying it out again on the 9th of April 2017..

the rest as they say.. is on the steem blockchain

Because I am bored with other social media, which only spend the data quota.
To make some money and share my knowledge
I always look for a place with better, more legit answers.
I found it a great opportunity to express my writing abilities, get rewarded, read some great contents too and interact with great minds across the globe. It has served the purpose actually.