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How to bring life to steemstack.net?
SteemStack.net is a discussion board build on top of the Steem blockchain. This project went live 10 days ago and I'm very eager to continue developing it. I might be good at code, but I'm not good at publishing. As the value of such a platform comes from its community, how would you suggest to build a community around it?
Make a post on steemit.com
and then buy it upvotes worth at least 200$ so it goes to trending page.

And that should get some users on the site for sure as thousands of people see the advertisement.

It looks pretty good! I would suggest you initially populate it with data from friends or yourself so that people can at least see something on the home page.

There are still some quirks with the UX, but those can be fixed. If you're working solo, you'll need to have a vision and strategy for the future. Don't just think about writing code. Think about what you can do to build the community as like an optimization problem. You need to at least do a big launch and plan a strategy around it so start thinking about those things.

Last point is that with Steem, the upvotes are important. You'll want to attract high SP users to your site or receive delegations from the community.
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