Who will win the NBA championship this season? ?
Golden State Warriors or my San Antonio Spurs. It's a battle in the west. There's no competition in the east. Warriors got the strongest FIRST FIVE. With DeMarcus Cousins joining the Warriors is really a threat to any teams. Imagine the line up of the warriors. Cousins, Durant, Green, Thompson and Curry. Plus Za Za PaCheap Shot. However if Kawhi stays healthy the entire season. It'll be an upset in the Bay Area/Oakland. Kawhi could lock either Curry or Durant. The system of Gregg Popovich the entire bench of Spurs those are our advantages against the Warriors. Danny Green isn't a bad defender and the rest of the guys. I am confident that we're going to rank #2 in the west if Kawhi stays healthy. Also I'm confident that we could beat the Rockets and the Lakers.