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What is the best way to break a relationship?

Life and it's many twists. One minute, we are head over heels with that supposed special someone who makes it seems like we never really started living until we met them. They become a part of our everyday, interrupting our thoughts every now and then by what they said or did in the past. We love this feeling of being the center of someone's thoughts. We may have even concluded that they are the ones with whom we want to spend the rest of our years. From seeing them every now and then to wanting them to become a part of our dreams and future. It hurts when the euphoria of emotions wear out and suddenly we realize that we don't want to continue with them. I've been there before. Sometimes it isn't because we don't love them anymore. Maybe they stopped loving us and chooses to opt out or most probably because love is not enough. There are many reasons for which one may want to end a relationship. Whatever that reason might be, it is important that you think of ways to do it without causing much harm than would be necessary. Here are some points you should consider.

1. Think about how long you've been dating and what went wrong. The longer it is you have been seeing someone, the more important it is that you break up with them properly. You have to do this with clarity especially since this isn't just a casual leave. Think about what went wrong between you both and be ready to say it. If someone was going to break up with you, you would want to know what you did wrong. That way, even if you don't continue with them, you would have clue about the issues to address about yourself. Maybe a repeated character flaw or something else at least, you are not left guessing. This would help your self esteem. The reason for which you want to break up with them is sure important to you. Probably you've raised some issues in the past with no change as promised by them. Think of how you can convey your thoughts without being misunderstood.

2. Confront them. While this may not sound so nice. I still think it is a better idea than avoidance. When you begin to avoid them, they might take it that you still will come back to them when you are done with whatever it is that is keeping you busy. So instead of raising their hopes, I suggest you talk to them about how you feel. Talk to them. Yes, rehearse your points very well just in case they might want to counter it with either an apology or promises to make amends and change. That becomes a trap. Do it and get it done with. Go straight to the point. Breaking up with someone leaves wounds but they will eventually heal and get over it.

3. While you may not want to hurt your man's feelings, don't put yours at risk. Don't be ambiguous In your choice of words. While you may want to do this in the most kind and polite way since you're putting their feeling into consideration , try not to be vague or leave your thoughts as a question or suggestion. When you say for instance "I think we both need space and time to assert our relationship" It gives your partner the feeling that they still have a second chance or a reason to be expectant since they may not take it as a break up. That could be misleading. Be sincere to yourself about what you want. Tell them honestly how much you enjoyed being with them but right now, you don't see a future together with them and as such you are opting out. Make sure they understand what you mean. Tell him or her that the future you plan with them may not be feasible and state your reasons. Try not to blame them for your decision.

4. Give them Clues. I would rather that you give them clue through your behavior. When you love someone, you would want to spend time with them as often as possible. Now that you are choosing the way out, you should reduce the amount of time you spend with them. Call them less often. Avoid chats with them as much as possible. Silent treatment is a way of conveying your message to them without having to confront them. They may mistake this for the fact that you are busy with work, projects, school or anything else that could serve an excuse and keep you occupied. That way, they'll begin to get the memo that you have moved on or you don't want to be with them anymore.

Breakups are not so easy to carry through especially if the person was nice to you but if you have chosen to move on, then get it done with and let the other person move on with their lives. Don't break up with them over the phone. A lot of times, we are tempted to do this as it takes off the burden of confrontation and the emotional stress attached. Whatever way you have chosen, make sure not to do it over the phone or through writing. Don't breakup with someone on important dates of their lives like on their birthday, anniversary or other celebrations. Choose a good location that will afford you their attention without distractions. Restaurants or his or her favourite places may not be good location just in case things go messy, you wouldn't attract many eyes to yourself.


There's actually no best way to break up with a partner because any how you choose to do it, your partner will certainly feel hurt about it. Your partner will even feel hurt the more about the break up regardless of how you do it if he/she has really invested a lot in the relationship and thinks all is well in the relationship. So I don't think there's a best way to break up.

But if you want to break up with your partner, don't do it in a secluded place. Do it in a place where people are and inform him/her politely but firmly that you're no longer interested in the relationship. He/she would want to know the reason for such action. That is up to you to decide if you'll divulge the reason for the breakup to him/her or not. But be firm in your resolve for the breakup and walk away the moment you make your point clear.

Don't stay with him/her for too long after making the breakup news clear to him/her because the longer you stay there, the more likely the person that you're breaking up with may resort to pity plea and embarrass you or violence. So make your point clear, wish him/her good luck and walk away


Breaking up a relationship is the toughest thing to do in a realtionship. If you are considerate, you will consider the feelings of your partner and not want to hurt him/her. There is no absolute best way to break up a relationship. It all depends on what you think will work for you and your partner. 

For some, the silent treatment works better for them. I have once broken up a relationship by giving them the silent treatment. I just stopped taking his calls and responding to his messages, he got the message and backed off.

But I do think one of the best ad most logical ways to break off a relationship is by talking things over with your partner. Although, it may seem difficult because it really does take a lot of courage to pull this off, but in the long run, it shows maturity and shows that you care about him/her.


They say there's no easy way to break somebody's heart. Humans are naturally sensitive and even the most ruthless, heartless individuals also suffer from heartbreak after a breakup. The best way I think to break a relationship is by being honest and straightforward. There's no point to lie to someone whose heart you'll be crushing. Don't try to make yourself feel better by hiding the truth about the reason for the breakup, be it a third party or simply falling out of love. Also, a person whose heart got broken will have his/brains go wonky so don't beat around the bush. You'll be breaking a heart. It's already painful as it is, at least don't make it confusing.


The best way to breakup a relationship is to have a talk with the other party involved. Be honest with the person

Most people feel that, if they act cold to their bf/gf they will be able to read the writing on the wall. That if they stopped texting, calling or making time out for the person, that they will just get tired and leave. But that's a childish and cowardly thing to do. You shouldn't leave the other party wondering what went wrong, it can really mess up their thinking. Plus it wouldn't even be a comfortable experience for you.

And don't breakup via text or a phone call, be decent about it and show them a little respect.

Have a sit down and explain the reason for your decision, so you both have closure and can move on.


Well break up is not an easy thing for the person at the receiving end especially if what the person have for you is a true love. Actually there is no easy way to break-up someone without hurting the person but what you just have to do is to tell the person in the most honest way.

I only had a girlfriend some years ago and when I loose interest in her I wanted to break-up with her but I was scared of breaking the news to her because I know it will really hurt her, instead of me to tell her straight I started giving her negative attitudes which hurt her more. I really felt bad for what I did so I called her and apologised for my negative attitudes and finally broke the relationship in a more matured way. After the relationship I dated another person for over 3 years and when we could not agree on some things regarding the future if the relationship I called her in a matured way and told her the best thing for us is to quit the relationship because the fight we are trying to avoid now will still happen sooner or later and she understood me perfectly without bringing up a fight.

My experience about break-up from above is just for you to learn from it, when break-up give a very matured reason for the break-up that the person who you want to break-up with will understand and even if the person feel hurt, he or she will heal faster of the pain caused by the break-up and at the end you won't see each other as enemy. Just be honest and don't hurt her with your actions because you might later regret doing so.


If you cheat as far as I am concerned that it the end of that relationship. I could never trust you agin. That is probably the best way to break a relationship.


1. Be Negative Without any reason, your spouse, home and children are included. Please note that all of them are victims of abuse. In this case, if your husband is asking how it feels now, then definitely give a negative answer. For this, blame his new mustache or any other hobby. In this way, you have to prioritize your negative points. 

2. Choose friends who do not have to choose the most hateful friends, in this case the most evil and hateful friends will have to choose. Make sure they always interfere with you and your partner's personal affairs. Give more time to friends. Keep some distance with family members.

3. In the relationship between love and relationships with someone else, having a relationship between the two relationships creates a serious problem. And if you want to break the relationship then drag someone else into this relationship. If your other partner knows if you have emotional or physical relations with him then the relationship will be permanently lost. 

4. In comparison with your best friend any other person creates problems in self-esteem. If you compare your partner to someone, it will hurt her self-esteem. And the best is if you compare it to someone else and always keep it in the second position. There is no doubt that the relationship will be damaged rapidly. 

5. Stay away from dreams, everyone has a dream of life. But if you go away from it instead of fulfilling that dream, then it creates a deadlock in life. It also damages the relationship. And if you want to break the relationship, do not let your partner fulfill any dreams as well, so stay away from yourself.


This, this is not easy. But in my opinion and experience, honesty is the best policy. Its better to tell the trutg than to drag them on.

Before i broke up with my ex, i wondered how i would break the news to her. I just was not feeling us anymore and i wanted out of the relationship but i did not want to hurt her.

I soon realized that if i painted it all pink and rosy, that i would not get anywhere and I'd just be leaving room for her to think we could still get back together. So i sat her down, not over dinner or drinks or somewhere nice. I just told her we needed to talk and i layed it on her.

Just like anyone, she did not take it well but she appreciated the fact that i told her just as it was. Till date, we are still great friends and she's married with two kids.


Plan. Consider what you will state ahead of time. You may even need to rehearse on a companion or before a mirror, or work out your contemplations. 

Pick the correct spot. Converse with your accomplice some place that is agreeable for both of you. In case you're stressed over wellbeing, some place open may be the best decision. 

Let's assume it face to face. In the event that you feel safe, converse with your accomplice eye to eye. Messaging, messaging, or chatting on the telephone may sound less demanding, however it's typically not the best alternative. What's more, don't request that a companion convey the news for you. 

Be conscious. On the off chance that your accomplice asks you for what valid reason you're saying a final farewell to them, be straightforward — it could enable them to have better connections later on. Be that as it may, don't affront them or attempt to hurt them. 

Make a total separation. On the off chance that you truly need to be companions, that is fine. In any case, in case you're trying to say "how about we be companions" to let your accomplice down less demanding … don't. It can prompt more . Regardless of whether you intend to remain companions, give your accomplice some space. It might enjoy a reprieve from seeing or conversing with one another for a spell. 

Stay with your choice. On the off chance that you have an inclination that you're making the best choice, don't give your accomplice a chance to endeavor to persuade you to remain together. It's typical for somebody to cry or get resentful amid a separation, and that can be extremely difficult to manage. In any case, feeling terrible or regretful isn't motivation to remain in a relationship.