How to deal with Dumb people?
Hi there, I am very week in dealing with dumb people and my communication skill is also not good and I faced many problem in my daily life. Mostly in my University with my some of bad colleagues. I am waiting for your answer. Thank you :-)

Manage them in a brilliant way. There are morons around and they don't know they're dumb, it is destructive for them as well, and also for other people.if a dumb person is your relative, do whatever it takes not to hurt them by disclosing to them that they're dumb rather influence them to understand this by their own, do it in a way that don't hurt them.

Try not to really tell them, just show it to them.

Furthermore, if they're a portion of your friends or simply the general people you know, what I do is make a distance since I question my patience and I would prefer not to hurt individuals. In the event that you argue with them, they will argue with you too and it is hard for you to win since they will be free in utilizing or not utilizing sense in an argument but rather you are limited by the limits of sense and rationale. In the event that by one way or another you end up fruitful in refuting them, they either consider you as being rude in light of the fact that I am certain completely throughout the contention you've lost your temper or the effect of actually proving them moronic won't keep going as long as you think. many people in this world think they are very smart, In any case, who knows? What is actually the true standard? Who is actually judging?

I've really had an experience with a few people whom I thought was dumb yet abruptly those individuals accomplished something that proved me wrong. A few people pretend to be dumb but they are not, and the true dumb ones believes that he or she is not dumb...


Okay brother, a little explanation from me.

after you read my opinion I hope you like it.

Don't argue with fools.

Arguing with fools will not bring about manfa'at, because fools whose purpose is to argue is not to seek the truth. But for justification to win. So it's not surprising that seeing fools shows bad behavior in debating.


Arguing with fools will only be a debate about the coachman and there will be no end.


Arguing with fools will only make time wasted. Arguing with fools can also be overwhelmed with questions and stupid arguments. Because ignorant people don't understand the real problem.


I am afraid sometimes it is better to turn away and ignore dumb people. It is your time and energy you are wasting in dealing with such people. Time and energy you could better use to study. You do not owe them anything. Good luck and all the best.


I personally enjoy talking to so called "Dumb" and I learn a lot from them. Of course, we get bored after a while if we stay on their land, but we can always open horizons, and then what a pleasure to exchange, and sometimes to see them doubt their certainties .. :)

One thing is certain: no one is fundamentally dump or stupid. Those who are considered as such simply have not had the chance to access spiritual elevation, either for lack of means, or because their environment was unfavorable, or for many other reasons.

I am outraged that people are treated as if they have CHOSEN to be who they are. People who are "not beautiful", it's the same, they are condemned as if they had been choosing themselves in limbo the DNA that would handicap them for life. As if they bore the mark of infamy on them, and that they want to promote it instead of remaining "in their place", the place of evil, the place of the unloved and unchallengeable.

Like the fools, who have to shut up, because as soon as they say something everyone laughs.

But I admit to you that was a time, I made slideshows of frightful people and / or people I found very stupid (ha ha they are often the same, since the ugly look silly), just to amuse the gallery, to amuse people like you, in short. But it's been a long time since it makes me laugh anymore, and that empathy has given me to see the distress and suffering beyond the mask.

Besides, I tell you, dear Amar15, that you are a moron anyway for those who are "smarter" than you. And even if you have not met them, there are a lot of people who would think after listening to you "ah nnnaaan not himiiiii we will be pissed off with his discussion of nazzze".

Think hard.

One is always the con of another, and if you are B and that you are superior to the group of A, there will always be a C to put your nose in the crappy inequality

A <B <C <D ......

The little game you pretend to play is fun only if you are at the top of the pyramid, but it will crumble as soon as you find your teacher or masters.

You may claim to be Z in the list, but your thinking leads me to believe that you are at the very beginning of the alphabet. It remains for you to acquire wisdom and tolerance, to begin with.

And do not think that you're the only one who has big fat guys in your family who are ruining you so much they have a dirty behavior. If you have not managed to put them in your pocket, and if you have not even managed to neutralize them, maybe you're not that smart, right?

What is the use of your intelligence if it is not to solve your own problems? Hmm?

 You too are one of the people who think that

IQ + shit life = Intelligence?

I'm one of the people who believe that

Shit life at the base transformed into a super nice life + any IQ = Intelligence.

It's up to you to see, but I'm surprised you're not going to agree.