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Why do Girls like Bad Guy rather than Honest & Simple Guy ?
Well, I have seen there are so many girls who reject boy's proposal because of that guy was simple but that guy was very honest towards her and he was really in love with her.

This is still a mystery of unimaginable proportions. Girls totally prefer bad guys to good guys. Its something I've not only noticed, a girl has mentioned it to me before.

She said I'm just too predictable that I should have some air of mystery to myself. I think one reason is that they want too have a sense of accomplishment when they are able to get and hold on to a guy.

They prefer a scenario where the guy goes after other girls, plays around but still desires to have them. Its somewhat intoxicating for the ladies. Also they like carefree guys, someone that's not too caring.

In fact I was told of a story where a lady refused a guy's proposal because he's too caring... imagine that. She said he's always too available and is just always there for her.

Its funny but its a reality. Who knows what goes on in their brains. 


This doesn't apply to all girls, but yes, I'm sure most of them have been attracted to some "bad boy".

It seems silly to prefer a guy who doesn't care about the relationship and can even be rude, to an honest, simple and good feeling one. However, bad boys are good at attracting women's attention. 

I as a girl have experienced it, we can also see in movies, series, or stories how there are couples between well-behaved girls with the typical rude boy.

I think the main thing would be that they are attractive, features like narcissism are more present in them, which makes them work more on their physical appearance: they take care of their hair, their skin and choose better their clothes, for example. So the fact that beautiful men are more conceited, dismissive and "give in to desire" is no surprise.

Teenagers may also be attracted by their almost adventurous way of life, and we know that teenagers love rebelliousness. 

We can also blame hormones, according to a study conducted in 2012, when girls meet such a character, often believe they can "repair". They fantasize that he will be able to take responsibility and settle down, out of love. However, the reason we feel this way is hormones (and perhaps romantic movies), but we are rather deceiving ourselves. 

But don't worry, this interest won't last long, unless the girl just wants to play and not enter into a relationship.


A guy friend asked this to me just the other day. I told him it's because of that special feeling you get when a girl sees this "bad guy" suddenly become nice or good when she's around. It's also because of the satisfaction a girl feels when she sees the "bad guy" change his crooked ways for the girl. Plus the factor that the girl holds the title as "the one who captured the bad giy's stone cold heart."

Although this is not always true all the time. There may be times that the girl ends up in an abusive relationship - be it physically or emotionally. The reasons I observed should not be reason enough to enter into a relationship.


I think it is a sense of adventure. Humans are attracted by things and people which are out of the ordinary.


From my perspective, I think because the honest and simple guys are not truth to themselves who they are.

Secondly because the Ladies have a wrong perspective of love and really don't know what they want.

Most tagged honest and simple guys are not genuine in character. You can't stand them an hour.