How to overcome with the fear of failure?
Hi there, Actually, I have crush on a girl and I am scared to talk with her ask her for a cup of coffee and I am scared whether see gonna be say yes or no.

The first thing you need to understand is that fear is natural. You may fear something but it only means two things. It is either you leave everything and run or face every thing and fight. 

The fear of failure is the beginning of failure. When you start harbouring the fear that she will reject you, you will start being extra careful, paying extra attention to everything and wanting to do everything right or perfect.

When you eventually go out to meet with her, you will be extra careful with your words and in the process of wanting or trying to say the right thing, you end up doing or saying the opposite.

What you need to do is relax, focus on getting the girl to coffee with you and never underestimate yourself by thinking you wouldn't get her.

Eliminate those fears by thinking about how you eventually got her and simply be yourself.

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Keep in mind that if you haven't failed, you haven't learned anything. Failures are the best teachers. They are stepping stones for success.

Also, a lot of successful people made it to where they are have surely failed a million times. That didn't stop them from trying again.

Failing means that you tried. It is better to have tried and found out the result than to forever wonder what could have happened.


1....Get familiar with experiencing it,

Analysts have worked out that conquering a fear takes around 20 exposures, so what you need to do is drive yourself to go up against failure something like multiple times, huge and little.

Intentionally go up against activities where there is an essentially higher possibility of genuine failure. Quite a bit of current American life is organized to help keep away from failure, because of social predispositions where failure is looked downward on and additionally an ambiguously thoughtful feeling of needing to help other people maintain a strategic distance from the agony of failure. This outcomes in the vast majority being protected into a real existence way of couple of genuine failures (and regularly, consequently, average achievement) and a default mental supposition that failure is something unverifiable, terrible, and to be stayed away from.

Rather, you should try to break out of this example of pre-decided achievement (or "non-failure") and set objectives where you can't ensure achievement. On the off chance that you do this effectively, you will definitely begin to bomb in a portion of your undertakings. When this occurs, you will straightforwardly have the capacity to encounter failure(at times extraordinary failure), and you will find that life proceeds with, that you haven't been harmed that much, and that you can simply get the pieces and proceed onward. Every endurance of failure will indicate you there is nothing to fear from a whole class of difficulties. The more noteworthy the failure the more it will make you totally fearless...

2....Lessen the seriousness of the thing in your mind...

This is a psychological social treatment strategy. Whenever you are stood up to with the likelihood of failure (and its fear), ask yourself by and large: so what occurs in the event that I fail? Your mind will answer something like, "X horrible thing will result!" And then you ought to ask yourself: "And after that what?" and your mind will say, "Y will actually follow, which is awful!" and you ought to ask, "And afterward what, etc.

The thought here is to experience a psychological exercise of unequivocally following out the possible situations that outcome if exercises in #1 happen, and understand that a large portion of them aren't generally so awful. They are for the most part survivable, regularly don't acquire much in the method for genuine inconvenience and mishap, and once the anonymous vulnerability of the results of failures are pushed away, you will probably have the certainty to experiment with your new strategy.

What's more, obviously, on the off chance that you do even now come up short, you will get to specifically encounter failure - once again to inure yourself and make yourself substantially more brave for what's to come. The little-realized facts is that the daring individuals are simply the individuals who don't fear failure since they have failed many times previously...


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It can be scary - confronting the stranger like that, it's not easy - but you can not stay in such a lopsided relationship.

Try to observe how it behaves with you: does it remain cordial or does it naturally return to you? If she does not hesitate to answer you and she raises you is that your relationship is important to him and she is interested in you.

Ask her friends this can always enlighten: is she in a relationship or not? if so, happy or not?

Finally, go to the bottom and try to make allusions! You will be able to deduce his feelings in view of his reaction: is it too early / late? unimaginable for her?

Imagine that feelings are reciprocal? It is an intense relief and you will laugh while thinking about it. Conversely if it is not the case, it will still be clearer for you. You can go forward and maybe even stay friends (with a lot of goodwill of course!).

Anyway do not rush things, wait for the right moment to tell him how you feel to avoid a risky and embarrassing statement for both of you ...


When it comes to overcome fear some of the things that you should do in order to make yourself come out of that situation. 

  • Get to know what you are capable of
  • Learn to accept the mistakes
  • Accept how you feel about particular situations/moments 
  • Learning from those situation could improve you overtime

Apparently the fear does can stop you from making a good decision for yourself and stop you from improving and be the person that you could be. All is with the uncertainties and all the things does stops out at "IF" while if you do not really go for it than you are never going to find out whether you can do it or now likewise if you say you are afraid of that matter than you are probably never going to achieve that dream of yours. This happens with most of he situations of our life.

While as the topic that you have stated from some ideas I would suggest you to become friends with the particular girl and get to come close to her with your friendly attitude and after some time than go for asking her out and than you will have a chance rather than asking her directly could result in decline. 

So all the very best buddy !! Hope you have that Date soon !!


My recommendation to you is, 

- Dread of disappointment is all in our psyche. We are equipped for accomplishing anything. Simply trust it. 

- Try not to stress much and over think. Begin. 

- Prop up regardless of whether you falter now and then. Never at any point ever surrender. 

- In long run you'll feel certain and you never know,it's harder to begin yet less demanding to wrap up. 

- Ordinarily we don't understand that we were so near completing moment that we surrender. 

So begin. Try not to have a misgiving.