Do you think Musing can beat Quora?
Hi there, I am pretty excited to know that It is possible and What's is your opinion about it. Thank you :-)

Yes why not.

The way musing is going, I am definitely sure musing can beat quota. The difference is clear.

Musing is based on the steemit blockchain and apart from it, you tend to get some rewards in turn as an upvotes from the musing which may bring some money for you if you exchange your earned steem or steem dollar to your desired currency. This reason made me believe so much on musing as quota did not have all these reasons I have mentioned above.

It is just a matter of time for musing to take and storm the world much more than quota or any question and answer website. I see a great future ahead of musing and steemit generally.



It is possible, but not in the near future. Quora has very large number of audiences, comparatively any other question answer platform.  

Quora also in leading position with "trust" factor, millions of users trust quora for the quality answers, Musing is still in the process of reaching at that level. 

Musing has the advantage of giving the rewards on questions and answers, which could attract many new users if properly promoted/advertised.

So yes, musing could get to that level quickly than any other platform, but work has to be done and a lot efforts have to be made.


In  the Near Future - YES

Musing.io  has a great potential which is the ability to incentivize users. Nothing is as good as rewarding people's investment of time and knowledge. I visit Musing on a daily basis because I know I will learn (from the Questions and answers) and also  gain crypto rewards.

Of recent, ANy one I invite to join steemit, is encouraged to start with Musing.io. To me, the platform helps one build a good interacting spirit for the Steeming journey.

I  see Musing.io in the future become a platform on the top of the list of Q&A platforms.