Do you believe that money is everything?

Well money is not everything, but most of the problem of an individual gets sorted out with money as resource. Money is a powerful resource in deed and it is such liquid that it can moved anywhere in this world. Money can not buy everything, but if you take out the health issue, then money can almost buy everything in this modern and materialistic world.

For a social animal like humans who leads a modern standard life, without money one can not survive even for 10/15 days. As people are really conditioned with the money to the intensity that it has become a very integral part of human life and not just integral rather most essential, as the requirement of money started from morning to night, from generations to generation and for every class of people.

But do not look at money with a negative sense, it is the indirect form of your hard work within righteous way. Of course some people earn it mischievously but do not look at them and do not get influenced. Take money as the token of your hard work then you can realize its worth, that means for everything that you wish for you are en-cashing a potion of your hard work. Simply put, money can buy almost 80/90% of everything you wish for. remaining 10 to 20% are something which is beyond the capacity of human being and that is why that can not be bought with money.


Money is not everything. Money can't buy you happiness, I mean peace of mind. Alot of people believes that money is everything, but they are wrong.

Let me Give you instances, that will convince you that money is not everything.

Few years back in my country, The wife of the president, as at that time died. As a President, what kind of drugs couldn't he afford for his wife?

What kind of doctors couldn't he hire? How expensive could it have cost him not to fly his First Lady out of the country for proper treatment?

The First Lady still had to die. Upon all the money in their bank account, they couldn't buy her life, in this case money was totally worthless.

The second instance is about a senior officer in an oil company, ( if you are a Nigerian, you will understand what it means to be a senior officer in an oil company) who never had a single child for over 23years of marriage. He was never a happy man(his account balance couldn't make him happy). Money is not everything at all.

His family advised him to adopt a child, but vehemently refused; he said he wanted his own child from his wife.

He loved the wife, so he wanted his wife' s blood to also run in his child's. They were both diagnosed,and nothing was wrong with them. These couples were so sad, even my friend, the man's sister, that told me about it, wasn't looking happy herself.

It is true that so many things gets sorted out with money; but not everything life throws our ways.

Money is powerful, yet it can't buy you life, it can't buy you true love , and also it can't buy you peace of mind

Money is not everything.


No, I don't believe that. Money is important, it definitely helps to have money, takes care of the bills and can make your life much more easier but it's far from being everything. 

There are much more important things than money, such as health and love. You can have all the money in the world if you are not healthy. Of course, you can pay to get healthy, but only up until a point. There are incurable illnesses, when money doesn't help. 

Love and friendships are also things you can't buy. Sometimes you are richer with a few true friends and with the love of your life than with a million dollars. 


Not everything...there is more to life than that. Love, friendship, health to name just a few essentials... But money can be incredibly useful.

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Money is definitely not everything, but money is essential, money makes the world go round. But if you can imagine, the rich also cry, why do you think they cry if Money is everything, money can buy that house but can't buy a home. It can buy friends but not companionship.


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We find the importance of things when we don't have those things in our hand. If you ask this question to  poor people his answer might be money is everything because without money he can't earn the bread for his kids and family. But for people like us whose belly are full the answer is different. Money is important in life to buy all materialistic things. But you can't buy happiness and health with money. Health is wealth and Health is many many times better than being wealthy. So, in my words your health and peace of mind is more important than money. If you have good health you can earn money any time by your hard work and determination. 

People who give importance to money lose his health and peace of mind by earning obsession. Do you see how the birds start their day. With every new days they go in search of food without getting worried about the next day food. Their believe in Creator is much better than us. Money is important in life. But it should be enough to fulfill your limited wish 


Not at all. Money is great to have as it simplifies your life. Not having to worry about finances would be magical for me.

I would throw all my money away to be healthy. I think this is way more important. Without your health you have nothing. Imagine being very rich but you can't enjoy it. Richness in life would be wealth,love and friendships. Money would be a distant third or fourth on my list.



People tell you money doesn’t buy happiness. But money can’t help you get friends or meet the love of your life!

But what happens when you don't have money?

When your deep in debt.

When your unemployed.

When you can’t afford to give your family what they need.

Now you see money in a different light.

Money is insanely important.

You can’t live in this world without it.

Money is just as important as oxygen, we need it to live.


 Money is very important but it is not everything.. You can have money and yet be lonely.. Love, friendship, good health is important just as money.. You need them all to have a balanced life.. 


No not at all. Actually money can buy most of all the material things if not all but money is not everything.

There are still something's money can not buy or get.

Money can not buy innermost joy at times. Money can not buy happiness. Money can help you to eat a complete balanced diet but money can not prevent sickness. And the last one is that money can not a sure your soul an eternal rest after dead so I believe money is not everything.

Many people may say money can be everything to them but I believe money is not everything nor can money get everything.