Can you survive without eating and drinking?
eating can make a full stomach, in addition to eating also provide setamina to us so that it can run daily activities and if we do not eat then make us not choose setamina and get tired quickly. if not eating a few days, can sabela survive and can run daily activities?

Depending your body composition you can survive weeks or even a month without eating anything. Obviously, the morbidly obese have an advantage here. But you would begin to suffer from protein and micronutrient deficiencies well before you died of hunger. People die much faster of thirst than hunger. You can last for a few days at longest without any water. 

For a few days, yea, you can live, but your physical and mental condition will detriment.

Eating, like sleeping, breathing, seeing, hearing, smelling, loving, thinking, an feeling are NATURAL states of humans.