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What will You Do If You Miss Someone?
Someone or people who far from you

The most sensible thing to do if you miss someone would be to get in touch. Call, text, write. There just has to be a way of getting the other person to know how these you feel.

However, if there's no means to reach the person, or if it's counter-intuitive, you might a well get to doing things that will help you keep your mind off the thought of the person. Go out and catch some fun, take up a new hobby, just do things that would get your mind busy.

It's not a bad thing to miss someone though. These things are part of being human. It's bound to happen.

Very recently, I left a place where I'd spent the last eleven months of my life. I still miss people there from time to time and try to get across to them. I think it's the wise thing to do.


If you miss someone, do these things:

1. Hugging

 will usually hug the bolster and curl up in bed. In fact, they also do this when they are happy and sad. When happy after experiencing a romantic dinner or waiting for news all day from the woman's lover like to lie on the bed and hug the bolster.

2. Monitor Your Social Media

will usually routinely check profiles of almost all of your social media. It can even be several times a day especially when you don't give news. They hope to see your latest updates there.

3. Tells you all day long

Wherever and with anyone woman goes he will continue to tell good things about you. If this happens, the woman is missing you. When the relationship means a lot to him he will continue to tell you about your friends and people around him.

4. Spend the day thinking about you

spend days thinking about you and guessing what you are doing in your days. Even they don't focus on what they do and keep thinking about you.

5. Read old messages

When homesickness will usually return to reading old messages that you send to him romantically and lovingly. So the beautiful words that you give to women through short messages will be very meaningful in this condition.

6. Imagine the future

When miss you wild thoughts they start fantasizing and dreaming about the future that they will live with you. They will also usually dream about marriage and having children.


the way I do when I miss someone is to pray for you and this is the best way to save longing for someone special. By praying, you can feel calm.

We may not be able to convey it directly because he is happy with his current situation, relax ... Tell the sky that we are fine. We are also able to be happy with the current situation, we must accept it.

Although sometimes at certain times we feel the vibration miss that again, all we have to do is pray. For your happiness it is also happiness, even though the frame is separated.


Usually I call them on the phone just to hear their voice as I find this makes me feel close to them.

However, if they are in a place with poor network connectivity, then I just recall the good memories we shared and count down to the time I'll be seeing them again.


The first thing I will do is meet the person I miss,

The second is that when I can't reach / meet people I miss because of certain conditions, such as people outside the island, I might directly contact via cell phone, correspondence, or video call, considering that today's sophisticated era can all be easy in terms of communication.


If you miss someone, i would be nice to get in touch with the person . Maybe drop a message or give the person a call. Except you are not close to that person then trying to be in touch now becomes an issue.