What will you do with 30 Steem? Saving or Transfer? Why?
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I would probably reinvest it in bitcoin or something more stable than steem. Steem seems to be racing towards a penny pretty fast. Bitcoin has more room for error right now. 

I would neither save nor transfer. I would, undoubtedly, power up. The only reason I have a few STEEM stagnant in my wallet right now is that I am considering buying a Steem Monsters pack and am saving up while considering it. Even so, it's a pity that the packs are being sold at such a time in the market, for a starter pack costing $5 USD is A LOT of STEEM right now. 

STEEM is a very valuable asset. Say what you will, and I'm not gonna sit here and pretend to be more knowledgeable on the topic than anyone else. I'm certainly not going to pretend that I have a crystal ball. But, I am a firm believer in the future of STEEM and can't wait for it's future. Maybe nothing will happen; regardless I'm in it for the long run. 

My point is, I would use that 30 STEEM to power up. I try to power up every little last bit I can. I have never sold and I am very happy about that. I think if Steem does see mass adoption that the people with a good amount of SP are gonna hold a lot of power over vote distribution. That means attention. It also means being able to send out hundreds of votes to those deserving of it; and your friends and family if you so desire. 

Again, I got no crystal ball. I am not giving financial advice. But I'm going to power up every last little bit I can. I'm hoping to make it to 500 SP by the end of the year. To most, that doesn't sound huge. But; it's progress. I like to see every last little bit as progress. Even the .001 curation rewards. I love thinking about it just accumulating in there, never being spent, just growing account power. It's also a mindset that allows me to be much more nihilistic about the ups and downs of the market. Amidst the craze of everyone running around with their hair on fire, I'm sitting back just tap tap tapping away. 

If you meant transfer to VESTing then my apologies. I just realized that is what you could have meant, meaning I was incorrect in saying neither. Because I strongly believe that's what we should be doing. That's what I'll be doing, anyway. Cheers!

Neither selling or putting it into savings 

If I had only 30 Steem in my wallet I would definitely not sell it or put it in savings. While your tokens are in savings they just have a three day withdraw period to prevent hackers from stealing your hard earned coins.  I keep my passwords safe so, I'm not worried about that and don't see any reason why someone would put   their STEEM or SBD into savings.

Selling would be just plain stupid knowing how much potential the Steem blockchain has and how badly the Steem token is currently valued by the market (0.75$). I wouldn't sell it for 20$ or 50$ tbh. That's how much I believe in the platform. I'm here for the long run and don't mind the wait. I'm enjoying the ride!

I joined Steemit when the price of STEEM was 1$ and I never got temptated to sell it. Not even when it was 8$ per token. STEEM or STEEM Power is bandwith for the Steem blockchain. Without it,  accounts can't operate on the network.  So, no posts, comments and obviously upvotes. That's why every acount has to have a small amount of Steem delegated by Steemit.inc and why users need to wait 2 weeks to get their accounts.

 In the next couple of years hundreds, if not thousands of Dapps will be developed for the Steem blockchain and countless businesses will open their Steem account. And guess what? All of them will need a lot of SP to function on the blockchain and propperly support/incentivize people to use their Dapps and produce quality content. 

SP / STEEM is  valuable resource that will become very scarce in the near future

Consiquently the price will be much higher than it currently is and everyone who ever sold any of it early on,  will be banging their head on the wall.  Mark my words on this. There will be a Steemit pizza day in the future. Maybe not 20k high but 1k for sure. 

So, with selling and saving out of question, what should one do with 30 STEEM? 

Convert it into SP and delegate 25 SP @steem-ua. It's a new project on the Steem blockchain which offers something very unique. It will upvote your posts either once, twice, four, or seven times a week depending on how much you delegate (25, 50, 100, 250): Based on your User Authority score, which is the new reputation system on the Steem blockchain and how high your posts rank in the Algorithmic Curation Rounds you will get (based on the current, low price of steem) anywhere from 0.1$-0.7$  per upvote.

Then, it's just a matter of increasing your User Authority and writing interesting content which people will interact with.  

 I wrote a post that goes into great detail about the project. You can read about it on Steemit.  https://steemit.com/steemit/@runicar/steem-user-authority-something-much-more-than-just-a-new-reputation-system   


I may sound like a bit pedantic here, but the truth is that best thing that you can do with your Steem is to power up. 

If you trust yourself then use that powered SP to work for you by curating good content. Even give yourself a self-upvote once in a while.

Therefore I choose neither saving nor transfer. If I have 30 Steem, then I will choose to power it up and convert it to Steem Power.

Power-up and then delegate 25SP to @steem-ua!

If you really believe what Steem can do in the future and that eventually it's market price will recover back to what once it was. Then the best thing you could do is POWER-UP what little STEEM you have and not hodl them as an Liquid asset(Saving/Transfer).

A lot of people don't know this but by just simply hodling STEEM POWER, you are passively mining SP. The more SP you have, the more it increases and the more your upvotes will be worth. As an example, someone like me who have 1kSP is gaining around 0.000005 SP per 3 second just by hodling it. Not much at first glance but imagine if you have more. 

As for the worth of your upvote, 30SP might really not make that much of a difference. Fortunately there is now a new initiative in which it tries to help ALL accounts irregardless of their SP. Provided that one is constantly engaging with the community and have real followers (not bot followers). The more you engage, the more upvote you will get from them.

The initiative is called Steem User Authority @steem-ua and just by delegating the minimum of 25SP, you could get an upvote worth of $0.3-$0.9 depending on your level of engagement in the community. A much profitable trade than self-upvoting your post. Do check that out! :)

Much of this is dependent on your goals for Steem. If you are someone who is going to be using the platform for a long time, or indefinitely, I would strongly advise powering up with the 30 Steem, because by increasing your stake, you increase your vote value, which in turn, increases curation rewards. To me, it's the logical thing to do. 

That isn't to say that maybe you couldn't keep a little on the side for day trading, or pulling out. Really, it's entirely up to you!

I hope this answer helps!

30 steem wow!! Do you want to transfer.. Lol

I don't want to sound greedy or like I don't have what to do with steem. But for me, if I have 30 steem all I would do is to power up. Why??

It pains me deep down whenever I withdraw my steem for the petty cash. Here in my country Nigeria, a steem is equal to 215 (as of writing), so do the maths. If I transfer 30 steem, wot good does it do. A wise man @nathanmars said something which had been my mantra ever since it says "I am not selling my steem for less than 100$".

That saying has really went into my thinking to the extent that ever since he said that which was around June/July, I have only sold less than 4 steem for cash (situation needed me to do that) yet I still plan on buying them back.

So if I get 30 steem, I will simply power to avoid temptation of me spending it.

I will transfer it to bankplethora. They offer interest on liquid steem paid in by users. I think this is a way to earn a considerable amount of more STEEM. I can earn as much as 8% a month. They mainly use the STEEM for transacting.