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How Deep is Your Love? Could You Determine It?

Balls-deep. ๐Ÿ˜‹

Just kidding. Can't determine.


I guess only the heart knows the truth of these things and sometimes it is difficult to look into your own heart. This question actually holds a lot of credibility if looked on from that angle,ย 

That being said I would say that what your willing to do for the person can be a pretty good indicator of your love for them. Their obviously is no foolproof answer but their are somethings that can be kept in mind.ย 


If you doubt me, that is your right, my job is only to love you properly and sincerely. You don't need to ask how much I love you, just feel yourself how I treat you.

Enough to absorb how much I am willing to sacrifice for you. I'm sure you are also able to distinguish between sincere feelings of love from where the feeling of love is only mode. Just look at yourself and feel yourself, you don't need to question it.

Don't Believe in someone who just makes sweet promises for you. Because the evidence from someone who loves you is not him who only gives you sweet but fake promises. do not believe in the promises that I give you. Because what I fear is I can't fulfill it.

Not just someone who promises sweet but is not kept. But someone who claims to love you but can only say that he loves. But everything he does never shows that he loves you. He never cares and cares for you. Then compare it to my actions, which have been.


How deep is my love?? That I don't know but I know I love my partner.

How to determine my love??

Its only when situation arise that you can know how deeply you are in love with someone. Situation like when the person you claim to love is in need, how much can you sacrifice for the person. True love will be tested with what you can sacrifice and its through the sacrifice you can determine how deep you are in love with the person.