Best bot for new user?
best bot who send best upvote when we send 0.001 to 0.010 steem to a bot

I would not recommend new users to use any bot in the ecosystem to take profits rather I would advise them to power up a bit of steem power(at the current price of steem, it is still considered cheap) as a long term and start supporting active users, curators and contributors.


The best bot for a new user remains Minnowbooster, at least you can be sure of getting some decent upvotes.


I didn't know bidbots are in still in use in this bull, personally I prefer minnowbooster and smartsteem,they are relatively affordable to surmon.



It is not possible to identify one bot to be profitable as its ratio keeps on changing every time. One bot is profitable on one turn in the next turn it may end up in loss. Let’s assume a bot is giving upvote worth 1$ if it receives 2 bid of .1 $ each its vote will be distributed in the both bid in ration of .5$ each and both will end up in profitable. In the next round upvote worth is the same but if it receives bids valuing 1$ or more in next the bot will become in loss.

Considering above I will see which bot or bots are giving best profits in the round and will invest accordingly in two three or more bots. 






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For new user I highly suggest not to use any bidbots at all. 

Sure it will be disappointing seeing your blog posts that you have worked for hours earning only below a dollar. But using bidbots discourage most curators to upvote your post. Their reasoning is mostly: "If you can afford to buy the vote, then you don't need the vote."

But to answer your question, there are only a few bots that accept below 1 Steem as payment. @drotto, @banjo are the famous bots I know of that accept within that range. You can however check the list of the most famous bidbots on Steembottracker:


Make sure to scroll down at the very end to see bidbots that are within that range.


Smartsteem or Minnowbooster are my favorite ones.  Most other bots are scams or unprofitable.

You can use the bots to upvote own posts or sell your steempower for a profit.

Check out this page with all the best apps/services:



Minnowbooster is a good option and seems to offer atleast a breakeven if not a small profit :)

Botas arent really very profitable anymore anyway and your best to grow your account through interacting with the community. People are pretty helpful and will support you if you show an interest in what they are doing.

However, if you think bots are the way forward then you can use www.steembottracker.com to see all of the upvote bots and when they are voting next  - it is a good tool!