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Is reselling items on Amazon, Offerup and Ebay a profitable enterprise in 2019?
As a reseller of items on Amazon, Offerup and Ebay, I believe it will be profitable for a long time to resell items. My strategy is locating free items on Craigslist and visiting thrift stores such as Goodwil for deals. I also occasionally find good items to resell from large department stores such as Target and Walmart. As the market becomes more saturated with sellers, will reselling items on the large online ecommerce retailers still be profitable, or will resellers need to work niche markets and reconsider their current business practices?

It kind of depends, in general reselling is very competitive. You have to find a good niche i guess. 

What i like is flip higher ticket items like motorcycles, scooters, small cars because it's more worth my time. Meeting with buyers/sellers usually doesn't take much more time for higher price items than low ticket items. If you let's say sell something worth 50 and profit margin is 20% that's only 10 profit. While a motorcycle of 1000-2000 price range can bring in few 100 at least.

Niches are also a thing. For example i'm a swiss army knife collector and sometimes on ebay limited edition knives go for not that much when people are in a hurry to sell. Everything with some collectors demand can be worth wile but it can take some time to flip.


A good forum where reselling opportunities in North America are discussed is  https://www.reddit.com/r/Flipping/ 

There may be a lot of competition, but few people reach basic competence in all relevant aspects:

- Estimating value and demand

- Selling on the most suitable marketplace

- Pricing

- Writing a detailed and attractive description

- Taking decent pictures

I agree that you need to specialize in a certain area in order to recognize good deals. I'm not sure about selling on niche markets. It depends. Prices might be higher, but that won't help you if there are a hundred times more buyers on a general e-commerce site.

My experience is in selling used electronics and other stuff from myself and a friend. Best sale: two computer/TV monitors that were still wider than many new models, but with a slower refresh rate. Both gone within a week for a good price. The online marketplace's algorithm underestimated the value, so I was able to advertise them for cheap.

Most difficult sale: an Italian motorcycle helmet, never used. It didn't fit the first two guys who tried. Clothing sizes in general are annoying.

I have some used books to sell, but I might just give them away. It's not worth the effort, and you need to wait ages until someone's interested in that specific book. I think most people who sell second-hand books are book lovers who do it as a hobby while barely making a profit.