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Bonsai is an act of planting tree crops in a container or a bowl which can be used as an ornaments or beautification of the house. This kind of practice is mostly done amongst the Asians such as Japan, China and some other places around the world to ensure proper proper beautification of the houses and environment. It also helps to keep the environment ventilated by proper exchange of air between man and the bonsai plants.

Starting a Bonsai actually requires some important materials and some basic steps or guidelines to actually create the bonsai even though it will take some time for it's growth as it becomes more beautiful and mature. I suggest the below tips will help you start a bonsai.

1) CREATE AN EXACT SPOT OR SPACE : The first step is to create a spot or position you wish the bonsai will be spotted. You have to decide the exact location where you want your bonsai to be seen or observed by others. You may decide to place it on your table or your entrance or any other location around your house that suits you.

2) GET THE REQUIRED MATERIALS  : The second step us to get the required materials that will help you grow your Bonsai. This materials includes a fertile soil, your reservoir (plastic, bowl, box, etc), bonsai specie type at the early stage or pre planting stage.

3) GROW YOUR BONSAI: Place the Bonsai pre plant or seed in your bowl or reservoir and start subjecting it to proper wetting and sunlight for photosynthesis. It will take time to grow but you actually have to be very consistent about it.

4) MAINTAIN A GROWN BONSAI : Another cheap and convenient method which is widely used by people is to keep growing or maintaining bonsai. There are different places you can buy an early Bonsai at cheaper rate and you start growing it till it becomes mature.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.