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What Did You Dream Last Night, Monday, October 15, 2018?
Do you keep a dream journal? I used to. I have, on and off, for at least over four decades, since my mid-teenage years. At a few points within this period, I used dreams for help me work out questions about my life situations that I was trying to understand better. My dreams never failed to give me important insights about myself, my real thoughts and feelings that I was either in denial about or knew but hadn't explored them deeply enough. But I stopped remembering my dreams automatically every morning quite some time ago. During that later period, I had to conscciously remind myself to remember them before going to sleep and I had to have a notebook or get to an open Word doc quickly before the details sputtered and evaporated. Sometimes I think I'm afraid of dreaming because of the power of their insights and clear Guidance. So.... What did you dream about last night?

I dreamt I had a foodtruck, together with my wife.

Well, not really just like that, let me explain. We have a befriended couple, that we hear a lot sometimes, and then there are quiet periods. Nothing strange, nothing weird, it just depends on what they're up to, and what we're up to. But basically, now we were in a longer quiet period. 

And last night, I dreamt that that couple called us, after that long quiet period (which is real too, the quiet period!), and told us that they had bought a food truck, and we're attending their very first event with it. And of course, they invited us to come on over and check out their truck, and their food. And so we did. So we went to the event, and ordered some food at their great looking truck, and had a wonderful time with our friends and some great food.

But then...

The woman asked us if we could take care fo the food truck for a while, because she had to go to the toilet, and the husband had to go with her. No problem we said, we can do that! So we took care of the food truck. But 15 minutes later, they were still not back. No problem we thought, they can use some time off for themselves, they'll be back in half an hour or so. But one hour later, they were still not back. And in the meantime, we were selling food in the food truck like crazy! 

And then it came, a text saying that they were "tired" of the food truck (already!), and it was ours to have now if we wanted it, but that they had left abroad.

And thus, we had a food truck, and we loved it!

But the most weird thing is, that this morning, without me telling anyone about my dream, my wife got a phonecall from the woman, to inform us that they had a serious fight, and they broke up, for good.


I do keep a dream journal although, I have not been updating it with my latest dreams.

Last night 10/15/18 I dreamt two dreams.

In the first I was a hunter from a video game I am currently playing called Bloodborne. I was dressed in the Hunter's garb with a heavy whip sword but did not know how to properly use the weapon. I was walking through victorian era, broken down castles in a haze when I came upon three others like me. I knew at this point I would have to run or fight. My vision then became even more hazy and I woke up.


 I then dreamt that I was back at the home where I grew up. I was looking out into the backyard and saw four massive grizzly bears. One seemed to be a bit smaller and near the group of three. The three seemed to be a mother and cubs. The cubs were full sized adults though. All of a sudden, the mouth of the mother opened and became unproportionally large as is chomped down on the back of the outsider bear. This is where things got a bit blurry and hectic. I was somehow outside right next to the fighting bears with my mom next to me. We starting moving towards the front of the house trying to quickly sneak from the side. This is when we noticed a massive bear chasing us.  We ran and made it inside to the front door.  

The scene changed again. I was in another room with my fiance watching the aftermath of the bear attack from a CCTV Camera perspective. This is where it gets a bit disturbing. A man was having his arm torn off from his elbow down then being mauled, I saw the sheer panic in his face as he helplessly struggled to break free of the bears grip. It closed its massive jaws around his ribcage and I saw the life drain from his body. The camera then changed to a different angle where the bear was dragging his body out of view and around him were body parts of multiple people.
Dismembered Legs, arms, and torsos were spread across the floor. A woman missing a leg was rolling and sobbing in agony as a hand twitched nearby. The scene changed once more to police investigating the scene, a man lay there trying to get up, he was severed in two from where his diaphragm would be. I am not sure how he was still moving or propping himself up, but that's the magic of dreams. A police officer told the man to stay calm and lay down until paramedics arrive.  


I woke up realizing that this was the the most graphic dream I have ever had and thinking, "Why was that officer telling that half-eaten guy to lay back down?"  

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That is oddly very specific, the date I mean :)

But I remember having a dream last week of me being chased by a killer. He was holding a knife and is trying to stab me.

My dreams lately are usually like this and I am not even into action drama series, I love sitcoms and Anime so I don't know why I would be dreaming of something like being chased by a killer.


Well remembering dreams can be somehow tough I should say.

While as far as I can remember pretty vaguely there was something going on my laptop screen and I was kind of excited to see it and there was a glimpse of Steemworld.org which I suppose is the reason because I use it a lot.

While yeah it really makes quite great when I do remember the whole dream of mine.

While it is a cool question that I have ever answered here. 

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